Exclusive HFT Indicator Available for FREE Download!


Dear forex traders and visitors of the FX Trading Revolution website,

It is a great pleasure for us to announce that our exclusive HFT indicator, which you can see in our daily FOREX HFT Signals Forecasts, is now available to download for FREE!

Why is our HFT indicator absolutely unique?

  1. The HFT indicator was built on our long-term analysis of High Frequency Trading algorithms directly from the interbank market. Therefore, the predictions of the HFT indicator are very accurate.
  2. Based on this, the HFT indicator is very often able to predict currency pair fluctuations with extreme precision.
  3. The HFT indicator displays the price zones every day, where HFT algorithms usually consider the market to be overbought or oversold, and therefore exactly where the HFT algorithms usually start trading against the current market movement and cause market turnover.
  4. The indicator shows the price zones in a clear way, the indicator doesn't repaint and it provides a tremendous advantage and edge in forex trading.
  5. Forget the usual technical or fundamental analysis - our HFT indicator will completely change your trading and take you to a whole new level of profitability.

How can you get the HFT indicator into your MT4 trading platform completely free of charge? It is easy…

With the financing of the development of the HFT indicator and especially the last major improvements, the forex broker Purple Trading has greatly helped us.

Purple Trading provides a 100% fair trading environment and tries to significantly increase the success rate of retail forex traders. Purple Trading does their best to make as many traders as possible from all over the world become successful traders who appreciate their capital.

Currently, therefore, the HFT indicator is compiled and works on real accounts of the Purple Trading forex broker.

If you do not have a real trading account with Purple Trading yet, then you can open a new one via the Purple Trading website here .

The exclusive HFT indicator for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform from Purple Trading can be downloaded below. The price zones of the HFT indicator are the same on every time-frame, but the H1 time-frame usually works the best to clearly see the HFT price zones.

download the HFT indicator for free

You can learn more about the HFT indicator here . And if you need help with installing the HFT indicator into the MT4 trading platform, you can find the instructions on how to install indicators into MT4 here .

Your team FX Trading Revolution