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Indicators & EA
The HMA Trend Arrows TT Trading indicator for MT4
The HMA Trend Arrows TT is a special trading algorithm that is used to trade with the trend using special signal notifications that are formed by the interaction of moving averages. The indicator is displayed directly on the price chart in the form of a moving line, which, under certain market conditions, acquires some or color and direction. At the same time, the chart also has arrows indicating the direction of the current trend, they are located above or below the indicator line, and just like it has a certain color and direction. Thus, this indicator is used to open trades during the period a certain trend, which is characterized by the signs of the indicator.
Indicators & EA
The MBFX Timing trend trading indicator for MT4
The MBFX Timing indicator is a developed algorithm that is used for trend trading. It performs its calculations, after which it signals the presence or absence of the current trend and its strength, after determining which, a trade can be opened in its direction, while this algorithm can be suitable for determining whether the market is in the oversold or overbought zone. The MBFX Timing indicator is presented in the lower window of the price chart as a solid line, which, depending on the current market conditions, is painted in a certain color and is located above or below its signal levels. And thus, when a certain combination of line conditions is received, the current trend is determined and a position is opened in its direction. However, if there is no trend, positions are not opened at all.
FX Articles
Double-digit Inflation in the Euro Zone is Believed to Have Remain
The second month was above 10%, according to the surveys, the first slowdown since 2021. Before important data that European Central Bank policymakers were anticipating became available, analyst projections indicated that the eurozone likely saw a second month with double-digit inflation in November. Nearly all analysts expect that even while the rate of consumer price increases as a whole may have reduced for the very first time in 1 and a half years, it remained above 10%.
Trading Systems
The MAMB Trend trading strategy for the GPBUSD currency pair
The MAMB Trend is a trading algorithm that operates on the basis of performing calculations of three effective indicators. The strategy is based on confirming each other's indicator signals, this allows making a certain signal more accurate, and thereby increase the profitability of the trade. Trading made exclusively during a certain market movement, and therefore, before opening any trade, for starters, the current trend is determined by the interaction of indicators, and only then, a position is opened in its direction.
Indicators & EA
Corrected AMA trading indicator for MT5
Corrected AMA is a specially developed version of the standard moving average that can be used in trend trading. The indicator is used to determine the current trend, and thus allows finding the best moment to open positions in its direction. The indicator allows performing these actions due to convenient visualization. It is presented directly in the main window of the price chart in the form of two moving lines, which, depending on the current market conditions, move in a certain direction and are painted in one of two colors, which in turn characterize a downtrend or an uptrend. Their definition using the indicator will allow opening a specific trade.
Indicators & EA
The WPR Fast Trading Indicator for MT4
The WPR Fast is a developed trading algorithm that is used to quickly identify the presence or absence of a market trend and find the optimal moment to open a position in a certain period. The indicator is represented on the chart as a histogram, which consists of columns that are colored in a certain color when they are in the zone of levels -1.0 and 1. That is, if the columns are in the zone from 0 to 1, then the zone is positive and the columns have a color with growth value, and the current trend is ascending, and if the columns are in the zone from 0 to -1, then the trend is downward and the columns are colored with the fall value. If there are no columns in any zone in a certain period, then there is simply no trend. Depending on these indicator conditions, namely, after determining the presence of a trend and its direction, a certain position can be opened.
Indicators & EA
The DT Oscillator Trading indicator for MT4
The DT Oscillator is used in trading as the main tool that allows determining the current market trend and thereby finding the best moment to open a certain position at this moment, while the indicator is also suitable for determining whether the market is in the overbought or oversold zone. DT Oscillator is a whole combination of indicators, so it can be considered a full-fledged effective strategy. It is represented in the lower window of the price chart in the form of two lines that, under certain market conditions, intersect with each other, while changing their position relative to their signal levels 0, 30, 70 and 100. Thus, taking into account the location of the indicator lines relative to their signal levels, each other will be considered the main signal that helps determine the current trend and open a trade in its direction.
FX Articles
Is Traders With Edge a Better Alternative to the FTMO Challenge?
There are numerous proprietary trading firms in the world, and it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you and your trading style. Because it is one of the oldest online prop firms, FTMO proprietary trading firm has received a lot of attention. FTMO traders can obtain funds more easily than other prop traders by passing the two-phase challenge. However, is FTMO better than other prop firms out there? Let's take a look at how FTMO compares to Traders With Edge, a prop firm that is centered around its traders.

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