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0.9695 0.9605 0.9514
1.1592 1.1414 1.1235
1.0877 1.0698 1.0520
145.57 145.18 144.79
144.01 143.62 143.23
0.6626 0.6582 0.6537
0.6448 0.6403 0.6359
0.9929 0.9875 0.9821
0.9713 0.9659 0.9605
1.3923 1.3840 1.3757
1.3591 1.3508 1.3425


Indicators & EA
The ATR Adaptive smooth Laguerre RSI trading indicator for MT5
The ATR Adaptive smooth Laguerre RSI indicator can be called a full-fledged trading strategy, as it consists of a number of interactions of effective indicators included in the standard forex set. Each indicator, namely ATR AS, Laguerre and RSI, plays an important role in the functioning of this trading system. Each from these indicators it generates its own signal, thereby confirming the signal of another, according to this principle, the ATR AS Laguerre RSI indicator works. The indicator is universal, as it can be used in different ways of trading, for example, to identify the current market trend, determining if the market is in the overbought zone or oversold, searching for the optimal moment to open positions, and so on.
FX Articles
To Protect Themselves from Yen Rebound, Investors Purchase Short-Term Options
Fears of intervention and the uncertainties regarding the Bank of Japan policy meeting next week have traders scrambling to protect against future yen increases. As investors made preparations for the BOJ's policy announcement on September 22, the yen increased 0.4% against the USD on Friday. The premium to insure against a big rise within the next week compared to a loss has jumped to its highest level in almost three months, and some investors are hedging their positions in the options market.
FX Articles
MetaTrader iOS Banned: Alternative Online Trading Experience for Apple Users
Due to the removal of MT4 and MT5 from the App Store, traders need alternative trading platforms. Here are some great alternatives for iOS users. Traders who have been accustomed to using legacy platforms such as MT4 and MT5 for years now have to face a new reality as the apps have been banned by Apple. Applications will continue to work on the iOS operating system. However, they will not receive updates, which means that users may experience significant difficulties with their assets.
Indicators & EA
The Bounce strength trading indicator for MT5
The Bounce strength indicator trading indicator, which can also be known as BSI, is often used in trading to detect the presence of a trend of its strength, as well as its absence, that is, the presence of a flat in the market. Thus, after determining the current trend using this indicator, it can be identified the best moment to enter the current market. The indicator is presented in the lower window of the price chart in the form of a histogram, which changes color depending on a certain movement, as well as an additional signal line, which, like the histogram itself, changes its position relative to level 0. And thanks to taking into account all changes occurring with the indicator, it can be easily determined the current trend and opened a position in its direction.
FX Articles
The USD is the only safe haven this year as risky assets decline.
The sole defense against what is now turning out to be the largest destruction of shareholder wealth since the global recession is a rising dollar. Given that global equities already had lost $23 trillion in the year, the US dollar will be the only option until at least the end of 2022 because of its inverse connection with risky assets. The only safe haven is in dollar cash since the dollar is expected to keep increasing and because the overall economic climate continues to favor the US currency. It would require a severe downturn in the economy to considerably reduce US inflation, which would indicate a protracted decline in corporate earnings and stock prices before the Federal Reserve changes course.
Indicators & EA
The Absolute strength trend trading indicator for MT4
The Absolute strength is a special algorithm created to determine the prevailing trend in the current market. Absolute strength calculations can be reproduced based on the RSI or Stochastic indicator, at the user's choice one of these indicators, combining work with a moving average, the type of which can also be selected in the settings, reproduces the calculations. The indicator, presented in the lower window of the price chart in the form of two main and two signal lines of different colors, depending on their direction, color and intersection with each other, allow determining the current trend, and based on this, open a position in a certain direction.
Indicators & EA
The Curver Arrows trading indicator for MT4
The Curver arrows is a trading indicator that is a special strategy designed to determine the optimal moment to enter the market. The indicator is applied directly to the main window of the price chart and is an arrow system consisting of arrows of different colors and directions, as well as Curves moving, presented as a channel. Thanks to the direction of the arrow, it can be easily understood the current market movement, and the moving ones limit the range of signal candles.
FX Articles
How to make use of gold in trading
Gold is one of the world's most valuable assets. This noble metal with a rich history, has been used since ancient times in the manufacture of jewelry and as a universal currency, and in the modern world it is still popular as a safety capital. However, let's look at its current uses, the factors that influence its value and, finally, how to trade gold. Gold is a noble metal that has been consistently sought after for thousands of years of human history for its aesthetic qualities, ease of processing, and scarcity due to its natural rarity.

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