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Trading Systems
Daily Chart Forex Strategy
Daily charts are preferred over more short-term tactics by the top Forex traders. But the Forex Daily Chart strategy involves less market noise than the Forex 1-hour trading strategy, or even those with shorter time-frames. Due to their prolonged duration, such Forex trade setups might provide you with more than 100 pip per day, which has the potential to produce some of the best Forex trade setups and possibly some of the most successful trading strategies available.
Trading Systems
50-Pips a Day Forex Strategy
The 50 pips a Day Forex Strategy, which takes advantage of some highly liquid currency pairs' early market movement, is one of the favourite trading methods employed in the forex market. Some of the greatest currency pairs to trade with this particular strategy are the GBPUSD and EURUSD currency pairs. Traders open two positions or two opposing pending orders following the closing of the candlestick at 7am GMT.
Trading Systems
Trend Finder Daily trading strategy for major currency pairs
Trading based on the Trend Finder Daily strategy is an algorithm whose task is to find the optimal moment to enter or exit the current market within one trading day. The strategy includes only three indicators, but thanks to them the strategy was not only profitable, but also as simple as possible to use. The strategy can be used with any major currency pairs, however, the choice of timeframe should be taken more carefully. The best timeframe for this strategy is D1, but the possibility of using it on the H1 timeframe is not denied.
Trading Systems
D'Alembert - AlgoSystem for the toughest markets
In the past, we have presented some algorithmic trading systems that, while, on the one hand, can generate regular profits, it is not unusual that many also require a significant amount of funds, which can be a particular obstacle, especially in the early days. In contrast, today, we present another algorithmic system that can also deliver regular returns over time while at the same time not being as capital intensive as its predecessors often are.
Trading Systems
Fibonacci volume system
Leonardo Pisan, also known as Fibonacci, was a mathematician who lived in the 12th century and advocated the introduction of Arabic numerals instead of the Roman numerals that were widely used at the time. Leonardo realised during his lifetime that, due to their limitations, they could no longer meet the new needs of "modern" mathematics. Of course, it is also he who came up with the so-called Fibonacci series, which over time found its way into places where no one would have expected it.
Trading Systems
Monthly Strategy - Long-term trading a bit differently
Trading strategies are certainly the alpha-omega to success, but most of the best ones require a significant amount of effort and time, which unfortunately some traders don't have to spare. Therefore, not only for those for whom time is balanced by gold, but also for others who are more inclined to invest for the long term, there is a unique monthly strategy that is not only not very time consuming, but also, with the right choice of trading volume, relatively low risk.
Trading Systems
DRS - Double Range System
There are a number of systems that use the accumulation of position volumes over time, but their major drawback is that they often disproportionately increase risk compared to the potential for profit. DRS, on the other hand, uses a completely different method, where instead of increasing volumes on new trading positions, it only increases the entry range, which not only greatly reduces potential future losses, but also increases the average value of future potential profits.
Trading Systems
The ScalpM1 trading strategy for Scalp Trading with small timeframes
The ScalpM1 trading strategy is an algorithm based on four standard Forex indicators to identify market entry points. Trading with this strategy can only be made on small timeframes, the most optimal of which will be M1. However, before trading on such small timeframes, it should be taken into account that the dynamics of market movements increases sharply, which means that the conditions for opening a position can be formed at any time, that is, the chart must be constantly monitored.
Trading Systems
IntraHour – MACD
Trading strategies based on MACD are, without any exaggeration, among the 10 most common ways in which not only professionals but also complete beginners try to succeed in the financial markets. And considering that up to 80% of all traders prefer to be lively (they fall into the category of short-term traders), that is why the IntraHour-MACD trading strategy was created, which not only provides traders with this liveliness, but also gives them the opportunity to achieve above-average profitability in this sector relatively very quickly.