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Trading Systems
The DeMarker MA trading strategy
DeMarker MA is a trading algorithm based on two standard Forex indicators: the DeMarker and two moving averages of different periods. This trading algorithm provides for trading during a certain market trend, that is, indicators, interacting with each other, determine the current market movement, depending on which and the direction of the trade is determined. Indicators in the strategy work on confirming each other's signals, while the main indicator in the strategy is the DeMarker indicator, and two exponential moving averages serve to filter the signals of the first one, which makes the strategy more accurate and efficient.
Trading Systems
The Stochastic AC MA universal trading strategy
The Stochastic AC MA trading strategy is a combination based on the interaction of three standard Forex indicators, the effectiveness of which has already been proven by time. The strategy was created for trend trading, that is, any trade using Stochastic AC MA is opened at the moment when all three indicators included in the strategy will confirm the current trend on a certain candle. At the same time, trades cannot be opened if at least one of the indicators does not confirm the current trend, since it should be waited for the full combination of conditions. This indicates that the trading algorithm of the strategy is based on confirmation of each other's indicator signals.
Trading Systems
The Inside RVI Universal Trend trading strategy
The Inside RVI strategy is designed for trend trading and is based solely on standard forex indicators. In fact, the Inside RVI strategy is very easy to use, despite the fact that its method of application is somewhat different from other similar trading strategies. It is based on three indicators, which work in a strategy on confirming each other's signals, that is, any trade during a certain trend is opened at the moment when the main indicator determines the direction of the trend, and the rest confirm it. In this case, the current trend will need to be determined on a different timeframe, which is key difference of the trading algorithm.
Trading Systems
The DEMA MACD trend trading strategy
The DEMA MACD strategy is a trading algorithm based on the interaction of two indicators included in the standard Forex set. The strategy is very easy to use, as it is based on the confirmation of each other's signals by the indicators, that is, a trade is opened when both indicators give the same signal, otherwise In other words, they will determine the current market trend. At the same time, the DEMA indicator is more important in the strategy, since the MACD, in turn, serves to filter and smooth the trading signals of the first one. The algorithm itself is used to trade with the trend, that is, the direction of trades determines the current trend, the movement of which in turn determine the indicators of the strategy.
Trading Systems
The Aroon Parabolic SAR trading strategy for major currency pairs
The Aroon Parabolic SAR strategy is a trading algorithm based on the calculations of two effective indicators Aroon and Parabolic SAR. Both indicators are trending, and therefore the strategy will be traded in accordance with the current trend, that is, the direction of the trade will be determined by the current trend. Strategy works on confirmation of signals, but at the same time, the Aroon indicator is considered the main one in the strategy, and Parabolic SAR, in turn, serves as a signal filter. That is, as soon as Aroon determines the current trend, and Parabolic SAR confirms it, thereby filtering the signal of the first one, it can open certain trade.
Trading Systems
The BB Momentum Keltner Channel Trading Strategy
BB Momentum Keltner Channel is a trading strategy, the algorithm of which is based on the use of the calculations of three indicators, which are included in the standard set of Metatrader terminal. This strategy is used for trend trading, that is, trades are opened at a time when three indicators determine a certain market movement, thanks to which the direction of trades is determined. Strategy is built exclusively on trend indicators that work in strategy to confirm each other. Thanks to the indicators included in its composition, the strategy is very effective and accurate in the signals.
Trading Systems
DSS CCI trading Strategy for Currency Pairs with USD
The DSS CCI trading strategy is a special algorithm based on the operation of two forex indicators: Double Smoothed Stochastic and Commodity Channel Index. This strategy is designed for trend trading, that is, trades are opened during a certain trend, and the indicators included in it help to do this more accurately and easily. The strategy works on confirmation of signals, that is, a trade is opened only if both indicators confirm it. And if only one indicator gives a signal, it should be waited for the second signal, and only then opened a trade taking into account the current market movement.
Trading Systems
The Serpentine Trading Strategy for major Currency Pairs
The Serpentine trading strategy is a developed algorithm that is used to open certain trades in the direction of the current market movement. The strategy was based on effective indicators included in the standard Forex set. In combination with each other, confirming each other's signals, they determine the current trend, the direction of which determines the trade itself. Thus, before trading, the combination of indicators determines the trend and on the candle, on which the conditions of all indicators match, a trade is opened, but if at least one indicator does not generate a signal, the trading should not be started, it is recommended to wait for this signal.
Trading Systems
The MAMB Trend trading strategy for the GPBUSD currency pair
The MAMB Trend is a trading algorithm that operates on the basis of performing calculations of three effective indicators. The strategy is based on confirming each other's indicator signals, this allows making a certain signal more accurate, and thereby increase the profitability of the trade. Trading made exclusively during a certain market movement, and therefore, before opening any trade, for starters, the current trend is determined by the interaction of indicators, and only then, a position is opened in its direction.