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Trading Systems
The Effective Momentum Trading Strategy for Major Currency pairs
Momentum Trading is an effective strategy that trades in the direction of the trend. Its calculation method is based on the use of four Forex indicators: two moving averages, which, when crossed, will determine the market trend, and two oscillators that find the optimal trading entry points. The strategy can be applied to any currency pairs, however, to achieve better results, it is recommended to use trending pairs. Any timeframe can also be selected, but not higher than H1.
Trading Systems
Traffic Light trading strategy for GPBUSD and GPBJPY currency pairs
The traffic light is considered one of the simplest trading strategies based on the Moving Average indicator. Trading using this strategy should be made only when a strong trend is determined, otherwise there may not be a profit from the trade. The strategy consists of five moving averages located directly on the price chart , and their intersection and arrangement in a certain order will be considered a signal to open positions. Trading using this strategy can be made exclusively on the hourly chart with the GPB/USD and GPB/JPY currency pairs.
Trading Systems
Forex trading by CCI
Despite the fact that the CCI "Commodity Channel Index" was primarily created for the purposes of the commodity market, where it served as an indicator measuring the relationship between the price of the underlying asset, the moving average and the standard deviation, it has proven over time that it can be just as good a tool for other markets. The CCI indicator can be used in many ways, but we will only show one of the really successful and popular ones here today.
Trading Systems
M5 trading with stochastic and GBP
The British pound is one of the world's leading currencies, not only in terms of history but also today, and it is no wonder that, in the case of Forex, it also contributes significantly to the total daily volume traded here each day. So there is probably no doubt how important the pound is to the Forex market and it would be a sin not to show at least one strategy that works on GBP/USD, for example.
Trading Systems
Knot Knot formation - small risk and big profit
There is no doubt that candles and their formations are the cornerstones of modern trading, and it is no wonder that there are a huge number of ways to trade them. And given the popularity of the formations, it would be a shame not to mention some of them here, and for today we have chosen a lesser-known one that has surprised many a trader in the past with its results.
Trading Systems
3 up - space - 3 down
Supports and resistances, trading indicators of technical analysis, which have been used at least once in their lives by every even less experienced trader. There are many among us who work with S/R levels day in and day out and make really big money with them, and then there are a few who can literally work wonders with them and count their losing trades for the year on the fingers of one hand. And that is why today we are going to focus again on one of the trading strategies that use S/R levels.
Trading Systems
The MASTO trading strategy for the EURUSD currency pair
At this time, there are many strategies, the purpose of which is to accurately determine the trend, and then the points of opening positions. One of these strategies is MASTO. This strategy is based on classic forex indicators that are used in the strategy according to their basic application rules. Therefore, before using strategy, it is recommended to carefully study the indicators included in its composition. Trading using the MASTO strategy is made mainly on the H4 interval only with the EURUSD currency pair.
Trading Systems
Channel and a half - a strategy suitable not only for Forex
Technical analysis of plotting. A trading tool that, when used correctly, can provide such an advantage that even the best fundamental or well-known indicator cannot match it. And although today's indicators can really do a lot, the human perspective and thought processes are still among our unique human qualities that even the most robust AOS still can't 100% replace.
Trading Systems
Six Identical Bodies - Forex without complexity
The candle formation is a first-class technical analysis tool that can be used not only across different markets and time frames, but in addition, it is also a very useful tool in both turbulent and calm times. Six Identical Bodies, a formation that can predict moments when the market is depleted in one direction and mobilizing forces in the opposite direction.