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Trading Systems
The CAW trading strategy based on standard indicators
The CAW strategy is an algorithm created by combining the calculations of effective indicators included in the standard Forex set. Its main goal is to identify the optimal moment to enter the current market, in which the dominant movement has already been determined at that time. That is, the indicators included in its composition, they give a signal to open positions simultaneously on a certain candle, which in turn is a signal one, and thus, taking into account the values of all indicators, a position can be opened in a certain direction already on a new formed candle.
Trading Systems
The Var Mov Avg Fisher Trading Strategy
The Var Mov Avg Fisher is a very smart yet easy to use trading strategy based on the operation of two identical indicators of different periods and a moving average. In combination with each other, these indicators form an effective trading strategy that helps to determine the current trend very accurately, as well as find a successful moment to open positions. The indicators included in the strategy are used for their intended purpose, and therefore it is recommended to familiarize with the trading conditions of these indicators before trading.
Trading Systems
The MA Laguerre Intraday Trading Strategy
The MA Laguerre is a trading strategy based on the functioning of two effective indicators. Both indicators included in the strategy are used to determine the current trend, and only then, to find the best points for opening positions. Thus, confirming each other's signals, they are with great accuracy determine the trend and the possibility of opening a position at the moment of its determination. The strategy can be used with any currency pairs, however, the choice of timeframe should be approached more carefully. So, the most effective for the strategy will be the intervals from M5 to M15.
Trading Systems
The QQE Super Trend Trading Strategy
The QQE Super Trend is a very profitable yet easy to use strategy based on the functioning of three effective indicators. The indicators included in it do the job of determining the current market trend, and then, by confirming each other's signals, identify the optimal moment to open a position, taking into account the direction of the trend. Each indicator included in the strategy is used for its intended purpose, therefore, before using the QQE Super Trend strategy in practice, it is recommended to study the indicators included in it. The strategy can be called universal, since it, without losing its effectiveness, works on any timeframe, using any currency pairs.
Trading Systems
Investors in Overvalued Cryptocurrency Face The Risk of a Bitter Exit
Most popular methods for purchasing Bitcoin have a flaw that can result in greater losses.Instead of purchasing the coins directly, many investors eager to profit from Bitcoin's significant gain have placed bets on the cryptocurrency through investment trusts. Such fund-like trusts provide the following benefits: Without the need to create digital wallets or transfer funds to a cryptocurrency exchange, their shares may be purchased and sold using conventional brokerages. Additionally, some institutional investors have used trusts as a substitute for holding Bitcoin directly due to fund regulations.
Trading Systems
The Powerful Tool Trading strategy
The Powerful Tool trading strategy is a combination of two standard indicators, which are given the task of finding optimal entry and exit points from the market after determining the current trend. In addition to these indicators, the strategy uses the three-candle line technique, that is, a trade is opened on the candle that closes above the last three before the trend reversal. Combining this trading method with effective Elder indicators allows trading with good and stable profits.
Trading Systems
Weekly Forex Trading Strategy
Despite the fact that many Forex traders choose intraday trading systems because of the increased opportunities in shorter time frames brought on by market volatility, a weekly trading plan for the currency can offer greater flexibility and stability. A weekly candlestick offers comprehensive market data. Weekly Forex trading techniques focus on keeping position sizes small and avoiding taking on too much risk.
Trading Systems
The Quick Profit Scalping Trading Strategy
The Quick Profit is a simple trading strategy that brings good profit on small timeframes. It includes effective indicators included in the standard forex set. Despite the fact that the indicators included in its composition are rarely used in short-term trading, in the Quick Profit strategy they perform the function of trading on small time intervals, without losing any of its properties.
Trading Systems
Daily Chart Forex Strategy
Daily charts are preferred over more short-term tactics by the top Forex traders. But the Forex Daily Chart strategy involves less market noise than the Forex 1-hour trading strategy, or even those with shorter time-frames. Due to their prolonged duration, such Forex trade setups might provide you with more than 100 pip per day, which has the potential to produce some of the best Forex trade setups and possibly some of the most successful trading strategies available.