Integral FX Inside Trading Platform

Integral FX Inside is one of the largest liquidity aggregators. This means that a trader or investor is able to compare different prices from different liquidity providers (banks or other financial institutions) like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, UBS, and others.

In a few words, imagine like you have to work with several forex trading platforms to display different price feeds, Integral Forex Trading Platform simplifies this task by “aggregating” different prices in one platform.

Let’s see now why Integral FX platform has become one of undisputed leaders in the market.

What are the advantages of Integral FX?

Integral FX Inside

1) Always the best and transparent price : as already said it allows you to access to several prices in only one platform from several world´s biggest liquidity providers, with their price and liquidity (market depth). This way, the aggregator allows you to find the best price depending if you are buying or selling, thanks to the platform algorithm.

2) Wide range of financial instruments : you can trade up to 80 currency pairs, contracts for difference (CFD’s), precious metals, etc.

3) DMA : you have the direct access to the market and this means you can trade without the interference of a broker or any conflicts of interests. Moreover, there is no restriction to your trades: you can trade as high order volume as you want.

4) Speed and confidentiality: it is one of the most reliable platforms, guaranteeing high speed and the most accurate orders execution and most of all confidentiality if you are a large volume trader, scalper or algorithmic trader . Its fast order management reduces to a minimum the possibility that your order will get delayed.

5) Used by top-tier financial institutions : it is not used by small retail self-traders, but by over 200 top-tier financial institutions in the world only.

6) Flexibility: the platform is highly customizable according to the investor’s need, in particular if you want to set your risk management tools, prices settings, strategies, etc.

These are just some of the reasons why Integral FX has become an award-winning platform and why an increasing number of investors are using this platform to trade.

Anyway, it is not a platform for anyone such as many forex platforms you can find on the internet: usually the minimum deposit for using the platform is around 50,000 USD depending on the broker account.

So if you will decide to trade via Integral Forex Trading platform, make sure you have enough liquidity and most of all the experience to work with it. If you have both these elements, you will have the best trading experience.