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 trusted source in the Forex world for beginner traders

For a Forex trading newbie plenty of things may be challenging and confusing: from puzzling terminology, constantly moving markets and volatile prices, to lucrative broker offerings, among which finding reliable ones is definitely a tricky matter.

But don’t feel discouraged yet: market professionals got you. is a project created to help beginners in Forex trading to navigate the market. Its extensive resources include an FX Academy of educational articles, comparison of the reliable regulated Forex brokers, the latest financial news, essential for trading decision-making, and more.

All published materials are carefully prepared by a team of experts with years of work in the financial industry and hands-on trading experience. These works will benefit both beginners in the Forex world who have already taken their first steps in online trading or are just getting started, and experienced traders who are looking for ways to diversify their trading strategies, differentiate income sources, try new trading platforms and tools, and increase their trading capital by getting various Forex bonuses up to 100% on initial deposit from world’s top regulated brokers.

Yet, no matter if you’re a beginner or a market master, you definitely should look at the opportunity to get a passive income with Social trading: some time before automatically copying deals of professional traders while doing your own thing sounded like a funny joke. However, nowadays, it's a completely real feature provided by trusted Forex brokers reviewed on Social trading (sometimes called Copy trading) allows you to subscribe to professional traders just like you’d do on any other social media platform and link your portfolio to theirs. Deals made by pros will be automatically copied as yours, giving you profit from their successful deals proportional to the amount of your deposit. It is a perfect solution for market beginners who want to gain some experience watching trading gurus, or part-time traders who are not ready to spend days tracking market dynamics.

However, if you want to get into trading on your own, don’t forget one of the best risk-management practices, available for clients of respectful brokers: the opportunity to open a Forex demo account. Brokers reviewed in detail on the website offer up to $100000 of virtual balance for you to try out making deals in a real market environment and test your trading strategies without risking your own capital.

(pro-tip 1: don’t forget that you can open demo accounts with several of them, try them out and stick to the most convenient for you).

All information you input to start trading is quite sensitive: your personal info, payment details, account passwords, etc. So when you’re ready to switch an account and start making real profit, don’t forget to use VPN for Forex trading. reviews and offers deals from the best VPN providers for fast and extra-secure trades, allowing you to stay completely anonymous from the government, other users, or web-scammers.

Assuming that now you’ve practiced and taken care of your security, it’s time to start gaining market experience trading on a real account. Here Forex Academy of educational materials will be very helpful. It includes articles from the very basic topics (like Forex market terminology) to advanced ones (for example, on Fundamental and Technical analysis to predict market movements). Other than these,’s FX Academy also provides guiding materials on trading of different financial instruments and financial derivatives, as well as reviews the Forex market in different world’s regions: you’ll find detailed info on online trading and the best broker offerings in European, Asian, Middle Eastern, South American countries and Australia.

All preliminary work done, now you have two practical questions, crucial for your success: where and what to trade. As we said before, the Internet is full of brokerage offerings, promising untold riches. Yet, you have to be extremely careful: background and license check for picked brokers is a must. Forex and CFDs brokers reviewed and recommended by hold licenses of the world’s strictest financial authorities, operate in more than 180 countries around the globe, serving millions of clients, and provide multiple language customer support 24/7.

(pro-tip 2: a number of regulated reliable Forex brokers offer bonuses up to 100% on your first deposit; You can take an advantage of it by opening accounts with several of these brokers & use bonus capital to fund testing of new trading strategies, platforms, diversify your portfolio or engage in Copy trading without risking your own money)

The question “what to trade” is also without definite answer, as Forex stopped being only about currencies quite some time ago. Nowadays, it offers you both traditional (currency pairs, stocks and commodities) and modern digital assets like cryptocurrencies. Trading crypto with Forex brokers over exchanges has a number of benefits, so make sure to check out the underlying article. Besides the financial assets themselves, there are a number of financial derivatives like CFDs, Futures, Forwards or Spot contracts, which you can use to diversify your trading portfolio and hedge against market risks.

Another important matter we are yet to cover, is to always stay updated about the market situation. Forex market is one of the most liquid and volatile, so prices are constantly changing, influenced by different economic and geopolitical events. Once you master the correlation between your asset price movement and global changes, you’ll be much more secure against sudden losses and increase your chances to make a profit. publishes the most relevant financial news daily, so you can use the info to benefit from the market situation.

All in all, covers all aspects you should consider if  you're getting into Forex trading. Moreover, their authors team welcomes feedback and suggestions, so if you’re struggling to understand any market concept you can request an article to cover the matter for you. With all that, is one of the most helpful and reliable sources on Forex trading, so be sure to follow the link and check it out.

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