T1Markets Review 2021: Broker that elevates trading



T1markets has been making sounds since 2020, the year that showed us new ways to survive. T1Market has come to the novice trader as a vaccine shot, proving its efficacy to eliminate almost all the trader issues and possibly can have while trading. We are about to tell you about a broker that has kept itself standing against the ruthless nature the market holds. Since its inception, the broker has been ensuring that the novice has all the things it needs to trade under one single click.

T1markets keeps the trader what it needs to know, and nowhere does the broker failed to impress us. The whole website holds a supportive vibe. It looks like the broker is ready to help no matter what the user wants out of the website. For example, the trading and education material is readily made available to anyone who visits the website. Many scam brokers first work towards converting the user into a lead, and then they give access to whatever they have to offer. T1Markets serves a different purpose, as they say, education must be free to all.

Let us read more about the broker in this unbiased review.

Account Types

The broker offers three main trading accounts. Silver, Platinum and Gold. Apart from these three, special attention is paid to the sharia abiding traders in the form of an Islamic trading account. This account type has a completely different set of leverage, spreads etc. The account although holds all the tradable assets that the other three provide.

The good thing about the account types is that they are not much in number. A lot of scam brokers confuse the novice by providing more than 6, sometimes eight trading accounts. One whole day has to be given to study the account in such cases.

This is not the case with T1Markets. Let’s quickly see what these accounts have to offer. At the same time, each account gives the trader a choice to choose from a retail type of account or a professional account. Both of them have different leverages since both are of different use.


  1. Just like all the others, this account provides the trader with access to non-commissioned trades.
  2. Apart from this, the gold account offers leverage of 1:30 for its retail client-base and 1:400 for its professional client base.
  3. The spreads of the account begin from 0.5

To think about it, the difference in the leverage providing comes in with the fact that a retail client is mostly a novice and a professional-client is an expert trader, who has spent a lot of time in the game.

Since the novice is more susceptible to the wrong usage of such goliath leverage and makes fatal trades, they are limited to the leverage that can earn profits and still keep the financials safe from leverage-induced losses.

Since the broker works with non-commissioned trades, Spreads fill the profit picture from the broker’s end. Even though spreads account for most of the broker-earning, they are kept low by T1Markets to ensure that the trader nowhere feels cheated-upon.


This is a base account and offers more protection than the silver account.

Let us read more about the account in detail:

  1. Despite being a base account, it still comes in with the add-on of non-commissioned trades.
  2. The leverage offered in this account is 1:30 for a retail account holder and 1:200 for a professional-client.
  3. The broker offers spreads on this account that begin from 0.7.

This account is particularly designed for someone who is looking at trades and the whole market for the first time. Here, the leverage option is kept lower even for a professional-client. Since professionals can also be susceptible to wrong leverage trades, they are kept out of harm’s way.


This account is by far the most sorted out and an example of the brilliance that T1Markets readily puts forward.

  1. Yet again, the account provides the non-commissioned trades for all of the users.
  2. Spreads begin really low from 0.03. This is by far the lowest spread we have seen from a relatively new broker.
  3. The leverage offered for the platinum account user in the retail-base is 1:30 and that for the professional client base is 1:500.

Such out of the class, leverage comes in handy for people who have been leverage trading for a while. Some traders are well aware of the risks leverage poses, but still, go with it since precise calculations and the correct entry-exit points take them to higher realms of profit.

Islamic account:

Let us talk about the Islamic account and see what the broker has to offer.

Islamic account Leverage:

The leverage here is kept asset-specific.

On forex, the broker offers leverage up to 1:500. For indices and commodities, leverage is limited to 1:125. By keeping it this way, the broker protest a trader from the dangerous market leverage holds in itself.

Similarly, stocks and Equities are liable to the leverage up to 1:10. The lowest leverage is kept for the cryptocurrencies. This market is the most volatile and a combination of high leverage; bitcoin trading can be very harmful to novice traders.

Islamic account comes with a lot of benefits too. The broker provides educational materials with add-ups of webinars and services. There is also a dedicated accounts manager facility, and the trader can use either of the three accounts for hedging purposes.

Tradable assets:

The broker provides a plethora of tradable assets that include more than 100 cryptocurrencies and a larger than life range of stocks. The broker makes sure that the trader can scalp the money out of any situation, hence so many assets.

The broker majorly deals in CFD trading. This type of trading is undoubtedly a little dangerous and walks in with a high profit-making window.

The traders can trade on the rise and fall of an asset's price under no liability of owning the asset. The broker provides metals, indices, forex, metals and cryptocurrencies as the tradable assets under CFD trading.

Even Stocks can be traded via CFDs. There are many stocks that do not offer a lot of profits when traded traditionally but have huge potential when blended with CFD. The broker pays a lot of attention to this fact and makes sure that almost everyone gets a fair chance against the market in the way they want.

Trading platforms:

T1Markets offers powerful MetaTrader4 as the focused trading platform in the form of web trader.

The MT4 mobile application is kept as a backup for more on-the-go traders.

MT4 is a personal favourite of forex traders because of the robust interface and the ability to make several trades secured by technology like SSL and not to forget, the Encryption tech.

T1Markets is intended towards trader-profits because an unsatisfied customer will never step inside the shop again. MT4 offers automatic take profit and loss functions. With both of these functions at the palm, the trader can stop a loss before it becomes really bad.

Commissions, spreads and fee:

As already stated, the broker does not entertain commission-based trades. To keep the profit-ball in the trader’s court, the broker asks for minimal spreads. The maximum that the broker goes for is in the Islamic account.

Apart from that, T1Markets aces when it comes to fee submission. The broker asks for n hidden fee at all. All the places where it earns are very clearly mentioned on the website.

T1Markets displays all the fees it charges and leaves no trading asset hidden for the same. The broker clearly mentions each and every asset that is a subject to swap-fee on the website. This is an indicator of a legitimate broker.

T1Markets have nothing to hide and do not think twice before letting the trader know that they can be charged in some way. This is better than keeping the trader in a mirage of no spread, no commission, and high leverage. Most of the scam brokers go by this particular idea.


The broker is regulated by the esteemed regulatory authority CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). This makes the broker a subject to the body's jurisdiction and eliminates all the probabilities of any inside trading or false trades. Since the broker is a brand name of General capital Brokers (GCB), the same firm holds the registration number (HE345774) in the market. The licence number in terms of CySEC for the firm is 333/17.

T1Markets scam or safe?

The broker is completely safe, as we see it. It is transparent, reasonable and regulated—all the key characteristics of a legitimate broker. The trader has nothing to worry other than his or her own mistake-incurring probability.

In simpler terms, the trader can sit back and relax from the business's broker-end because it cannot go bad or falsify any trade. T1Markets is transparent so that anything wrong, if at all happens, then the broker takes full responsibility. However, an adverse event is not defined in terms of a wrong or loss trade.


As we see it, T1Markets is a serious threat to new and emerging brokers, scam brokers in particular. We have tested the broker on a number of grounds, and it has excelled at every feet.

The broker’s customer support can be thought of reliable. We deliberately put them through a complex query, and the team took it healthily. The core of the problem was addressed first. We were instantly connected and were given positive responses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I lose my money while trading?

Of course. That is what trading is all about. Losing and then slowly climbing up to profits. A trader who claims that he or she never saw a loss, is lying.

Where else can I trade?

The broker should more than suffice a trader, but if the trader is looking for similar, legitimate brokers, he or she can look up to HFTrading, Global Trade ATF or the likes of the same.