RoboForex Added 650 New Stocks to R Trader and Updated the Platform


RoboForex updated the multi-asset trading platform, R Trader. The platform got more than 650 new stocks of American companies and several technical updates.

Over 650 new stocks were added during the first quarter of 2021. Among them, there are CFDs for US stocks as well as real shares of companies traded in the US stock market. There are some companies that have just carried out IPOs: Airbnb, Roblox, Coupang, Bumble, Affirm and many more. The list of traded stocks on the platform was also supplemented by SPAC shares; such companies are getting more and more popular these days.

Packages of technical updates have been added to both the web and mobile versions of R Trader.

Web terminal updates

  1. Main Corporate actions appeared on the charts.
  2. Any account can now be hidden.
  3. New languages appeared: Thai and Portuguese.
  4. New lists of UK Top Losers, Gainers, Volume leaders were added.
  5. Filters for searching the order and trade history by the instrument were added.
  6. Server time can now be seen in the footer, and client time – in the Contract specification.
  7. Keyboard navigation of the Watchlists was added.
  8. Elements of tech analysis can now be deleted from the keyboard.

Mobile terminal updates

  1. Watchlists can be grouped and edited.
  2. New types of charts and indicators were added.
  3. Corporate actions were added.

“The R Trader keeps developing and improving. This is the third upgrade of the web and mobile versions this year. This time we added over 650 new stocks, including the most trendy IPOs, as well as SPACs. We have improved the functional part, launching planned updates and adding new opportunities asked for by our clients. We are not planning to stop there; we will keep introducing various improvements by our plan of strategic development", says Robert Stephenson, Chief Business Officer at RoboForex.

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