Forex Trading Signals

Using Forex signals can be hugely beneficial for many traders

  • Trade like a pro: By following the trades of a professional you can immediately benefit from their years of experience and take the exact same trades.
  • Save time: You need to spend less time analysing the market because a professional trader will be doing all this for you.
  • Mentoring: Get direct access to seasoned trader who can help support and mentor you with your Forex trading.

Choosing The Best Forex Signals Provider

A number of companies offer Forex signals, choosing the right one could be essential to your future success.

The key thing to look for is verified historical performance. You should only consider Forex signals providers that have independently checked results from MyFXBook or FXBlue.

Other important considerations should be; when the signals are sent, by what method (Telegram, SMS etc), and whether you will have direct access to the professional trader. The closer the contact with the trader behind the signals, the better this will be for your future success.

Recommended Forex Signals

  • MyFXBook verified high performance signals
  • Direct contact with a professional trader

1000pip Builder is one of the highest rated and most popular Forex signals providers available. Their signal performance has been very impressive and, most importantly, is independently verified by MyFXBook.

Members are extremely satisfied with the service and this is reflected in the very high TrustPilot ratings that 1000pip Builder has achieved. One of the key benefits mentioned by members, is the direct contact with the professional trader, Bob James. By trading along side a professional, many members have been able to significantly improve their own trading as well as benefiting from the Forex signals.

If you are serious about improving your Forex trading and getting the the best possible Forex signals, then 1000pip Builder is a great place to start.

Performance of our FX 1000 pip builder!


  • Upon joining 1000pip Builder you will receive a detailed email explaining exactly how the service works and how best to follow the signals. Members have also said that it is easy to contact Bob directly for any further questions
  • You can choose to receive signals by Telegram app, email or SMS and as soon as you join you will be able to receive signals. Most members reported that they receive their first signals within a few hours of joining
  • Bob usually sends 2-7 signals each day so once you are part of the group you can focus on following the signals.


  • High performance signals
  • Independently verified results
  • Highly recommended by members
  • Leading technical analysis
  • Direct Telegram, email and SMS signals
  • Full expert mentoring and support


  • Forex signals only
  • Only English language support

Interested in getting Profitable Forex signals?

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Bob is highly proficient in fundamental and technical analysis. He believes that a deep understanding of market forces is critical to successful Forex trading. By joining Bob’s Forex signal service you will be given the opportunity to tap into that knowledge and learn from his vast experience.