Regular Updates of our FX indicators

Team FX Trading Revolution is one of a very few (if not the first) who is releasing a regular update of all our forex indicators that you can download at our website.

Forex Indicators Updates

Why we are releasing the regular updates?

  • There are new versions of the MT4 trading platform released very often. And we want to make sure that our visitors always have the best experience and no worries when using our indicators. So we want to make sure that our forex indicators will always work with the latest MT4's version.

How to get the latest version of our forex indicators and stay updated?

The version of the indicator that you download on our website is always the latest and the most updated version. We usually release the new update of the indicators the first day of each month. As soon as there is the new version released, you will simply be notified by the indicator itself right on your chart in the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

In such situations, following message will appear (the message will appear only if you have any out-of-date indicator attached in your charts). Do not worry, it is safe and free!


Simply continue by clicking at the green "Click here to download the latest version" button. Now you will be redirected to the landing page of given indicator. Please download the latest version of the indicator from that page.

Now please make sure that you have completely deleted the old version of the indicator from your MT4. After downloading the latest version, you have to upload this version to your MT4 and restart the MT4. After doing that the most updated indicator should work again without showing any update message. And you are all set to trade with our the most advanced forex indicators!

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