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Mastorsicci Divergence Indicator
Mastorsicci is an outrunning indicator of divergence. The basis of his work is a symbiosis of data from the four classic indicators: RSI, MACD, CCI, and Stochastic. Connected by a certain sequence, percentages, and coefficients ratio, the data of these indicators form a new, unique system for determining divergence.
Indicators & EA
Rubicon mt4 indicator. A ready-made trading system based on moving averages
The Rubicon indicator is a universal algorithm that automatically builds technical markings and marks points that are optimal for making deals. In addition, this algorithm also indicates the exit points from the position; that is, it marks the location of the stop-loss and take-profit.
Indicators & EA
BW Market Facilitation Index Indicator
The BW Market Facilitation Index indicator is a convenient indicator by which the state of the current market trend is assessed. Measurement is carried out on the basis of a comparison of changes in price and volume for a certain time period.
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MACD 2Line Indicator
MACD 2Line is a technical analysis indicator, an improved version of the classic MACD. This indicator is similar to a regular MACD, but its histograms change color from green to red and vice versa, depending on where they are located, above or below the zero line.
Indicators & EA
Semafor MT4 indicator. The signal algorithm based on triple ZigZag applying
The Semafor indicator belongs to the category of so-called situational indicators, i.e., developments that automatically mark interesting situations on the chart, which can carry both informational functions and act as auxiliary trading signals.
Indicators & EA
Quantum Indicator: The Best Grid Indicator Froм the London Blast Strategy
In order to work on the Quantum London system, an indicator was written from the hypothesis, with the help of which it is possible to determine these states. The oversold is marked in red squares, while the overbought are marked in blue.
Indicators & EA
Premium FX Scalper MT4 Indicator - an Auxiliary Tool for Intraday Trading
Premium FX Scalper is a histogram below the price chart. The bars of the histogram are colored red and green. Red signals that the market is in a downtrend, while green signals an uptrend.
Indicators & EA
FXSSI.Sentiment.Lite MT4 Indicator: Market Sentiment of Players in Your Terminal
The FXSSI_Sentiment_Lite indicator displays information about the market sentiment directly on the MT4 terminal chart. By installing the indicator, you will see a histogram with the percentage of bulls and bears in the market. This ratio is often referred to as the speculative sentiment index.
Indicators & EA
Wolf Waves Indicator: Identifying the Pattern Using Zigzag Extremums
In technical analysis, Wolf Waves are a natural trading pattern found in almost any type and condition of the market. The pattern consists of five points, which reflect the desire of supply and demand to achieve an equilibrium state.