Trend Focus MT4 Indicator


Unfortunately, one of the most popular indicators of MA technical analysis has a significant drawback - it is lagging. And, as practice shows, most traders, when trading on the indicator during a sideways movement, such indicators turn out to be ineffective.

Accordingly, all indicators based on this instrument provide correct signals only when a formed trend line is present on the market. The Trend Focus indicator is one of those tools that were created in order to correctly determine the movement of the foreign exchange market, with which, in fact, it does an excellent job - this is evidenced by a huge number of reviews from various traders.

In the recent past, this indicator had to pay a certain amount of money, but now you can download it for free on our website. Each trader has a desire to find exactly the indicator that will allow not only to conduct successful trading but also to do it for a huge amount of time. Yes, Trend Focus cannot be called a tool that will allow you to get mountains of gold - that is not its purpose. But it is he who will help you make your trading several times easier, while simultaneously improving the final result from it. Our goal is to constantly filter out a huge number of "ineffective" indicators, providing you with only those tools that will be really useful.

It should be noted right away that the Trend Focus indicator is as easy to use as possible, so if you are a novice trader, you can immediately apply it in your trading. However, simplicity is not defining in his trade. Many may argue that if the system is simple, then it works worse, but this is far from the case.

The Trend Focus indicator works based on Moving Average reading. He takes all their best qualities, completely eliminating the shortcomings. In other words, he simply took and collected all the moving averages at once, exaggerating their merits.

Trend Focus MT4 Indicator - Trend recognizer.

Indicator settings

Touching upon the settings, we can safely say that they are as simple as the indicator itself - most of them respond exactly to the given signals.

It has been repeatedly noted that the Trend Focus indicator gives really reliable signals, so we can conclude that one of the most effective ways would be to use it to place all kinds of orders and open/close positions.

On the price chart, however, it is very similar to the classic moving average - the indicator takes the form of a curve that follows the price. But there is one significant difference - the Trend Focus indicator is two-color. Blue indicates an uptrend, and pink indicates a downtrend.

The most important parameter of this technical analysis tool is Period1. Initially, the value is set to 30, which is the degree of maximum risk. If you set a value higher (for example, 40), then the Focus Trend will have a lag. Accordingly, this has very unpleasant consequences because the instrument informs about the entry point after the impulse movement has passed. Nevertheless, setting a small number (for example, 10) will also have a negative effect - you will receive a lot of false signals.

Trend Focus MT4 Indicator - Parameters

Indicator signals

The Trend Focus indicator works according to a very simple principle: the instrument line is constantly located in the same place relative to the price, following it. The indicator itself takes on the role of support and resistance levels. This is what allows you to trade with it, not only to take into account trend change signals but also to build some price channels.

The Trend Focus indicator will work best when the Period1 value is 20. This will allow it not only to be the most sensitive to changes in the market but also to reduce the number of false signals to a minimum.

One more main feature can be easily distinguished in this technical tool - it does not have a redrawing, which allows you to be sure that the trend has changed if the indicator shows it.


Long-term practice confirms that the Trend Focus indicator works perfectly on global movements, and, accordingly, absolutely any time intervals and currency instruments. It should be noted that this indicator is perfect for both a beginner in the foreign exchange market and a professional.


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