The AFL Winner Trading Indicator for MT4


The AFL Winner indicator was designed to quickly identify market momentum, price fluctuations, and reversals, mainly resulting from the establishment of overbought or oversold conditions on the current chart, by making calculations based on the moving LWMA.

The indicator represents the current market movement by drawing in the lower in the price chart window, small columns of two colors that fluctuate within values ​​from 0 to 100, taking into account the current market trend, and at the same time, the optimal moment for opening a position in a certain direction, depending on the current trend, is determined. The columns that the indicator forms are very sensitive even to minor price changes, and therefore the indicator can be used on any timeframe, which will allow conducting both short-term and long-term trading using any currency pairs.

AFL Winner mt4 indicator

Input parameters

Setting the parameters of the AFL Winner indicator will not take much effort, since there are only two of them in its settings. To build own trading strategy,it can be changed their values, but this will affect the overall operation of the indicator, so it should be checked their effectiveness before changing these values. In addition,in the settings there are sections responsible for changing the colors and width of the indicator values, as well as adding signal levels.

  • Period - parameter responsible for the indicator calculation period. The default value is 10.
  • Average - the average value of the indicator fluctuation. The default value is 5
The AFL Winner input parameters

Indicator signals

The signal for opening positions using the AFL Winner indicator will be the formation of columns of a certain color and the direction of the line consisting of them relative to levels 0 and 100. And already taking into account all these values, a candle can be determined on which to open a trade.

Signal for Buy trades:

  • The indicator goes up, moving to the level of 100, but its columns do not intersect with this level.
  • At the same time, at least three columns of the indicator must be colored with a growth value.

When such conditions are formed, a long position may be opened on a certain candle. It should be closed after the columns reach the level of 100, since in this case they should be expected to reverse the direction of the columns, that is, from top to bottom. In this case, it should be considered opening new trades .

Signal for Sell trades:

  • The indicator bars start moving down, from level 100 to level 0, with which the bars should not intersect.
  • At least three columns at this point must be colored with a fall value.

When such conditions appear on a certain candle, a sell trade can be opened. Such a trade should be closed after the indicator columns reach level 0, since in this case, the columns should start moving upwards. At this moment, conditions may form for opening new positions.


The AFL Winner indicator is accurate in its calculations, regardless of the choice of timeframes or currency pairs. Due to its ease of use, the indicator creates simplified trading conditions, which allows traders of any level of preparedness to trade with it. But to get all the necessary skills to master the nuances of the indicator, it should be first used a demo account.