Synchrotron - trading with the crowd pays off


Modern Forex is full of trading tools, without which it would be impossible nowadays to analyze the current market situation well, which is unquestionably the basis of every successful trade.

Synchrotron is also one such tool that can evaluate the market drivers, without which price changes could not occur and traders would have absolutely no opportunity to profit.

  • Synchronized behaviour predictor
  • User Intensity: Highly Advanced
  • Usability: Commodities, Stocks, Forex
  • Compatibility: MetaTrader 4
  • Free indicator updates

Trading with the indicator

Today we have one of the more user-intensive professional indicators, which already requires traders to have some knowledge regarding, for example, analyzing the correctness of signals (the indicator provides an increased amount of false signals), appropriate placement of stop-losses, or shifting limit orders in time. 

Thus, although Synchrotron is more user-intensive, its undeniable advantage is the amount of potential profit (these are multiples of potential losses) that a trader can achieve with a good signal (see chart below-long signal, above-short signal).

Important note:

Synchrotron is very useful to use on higher timeframes or in case of volume charts with high volume settings. On the other hand, it is almost not suitable at all for minute time frames (M1-M30), where it is very difficult to achieve the indicated potential appreciation due to the rapidly changing situation.

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