Rubicon mt4 indicator. A ready-made trading system based on moving averages


The Rubicon indicator is a universal algorithm that automatically builds technical markings and marks points that are optimal for making deals. In addition, this algorithm also indicates the exit points from the position; that is, it marks the location of the stop-loss and take-profit.

This tool is both a tool for market analysis and a complete trading strategy.

At the time of its appearance, this tool was distributed for a certain fee. Today you can download the Rubicon indicator for free using the link below.

Indicator settings

The indicator has no parameters in the settings that affect its calculations. The parameters available in the settings of this indicator are minor values responsible for the visual and sound components of this instrument.

The Arrow-Size line is responsible for the size of the signal arrows that appear on the trading chart.

In the Stop-Label-Size line, you can change the dimensions of the indicator for Stop-Loss levels.

The Target-Label-Size line is responsible for the dimensions of the indicators for Take-Profit levels.

In the Audio-Alert line, you can activate the audio signals generated by the Rubicon indicator.

Indicator signals

Within the framework of this indicator, its signals are considered to be the situation when the fast moving average crosses the slow MA.

The rest of the Moving Averages are designed to identify specific signals to buy and sell an asset; namely, a deal to open a long position is concluded if the following conditions are met:

The red line is directed upwards - this means that the main trend is up;

There was a breakdown of the blue MA red line from bottom to top. In this case, it is the single precedent that is important, i.e., further, the auxiliary MA may fall below the EMA (116) again, but if the main MA is still directed up, the indicator will continue to generate buy signals;

After the light blue line crossed the blue one from the bottom up, the up arrow appeared.

Thus, the Rubicon takes into account the situation on three timeframes at once - at the oldest of them, it evaluates the general trend, then looks for a signal that confirms the strength of buyers, and only after that catches short-term bullish impulses.

As for the goals for profit and protection against losses, everything is simple here - by default, take profit is set at the yellow mark, and the stop loss is placed slightly below the red price label.

Selling operations are the exact opposite of buying, so the trader must wait for the following signals:

The red line is pointing down;

There was a breakdown of the blue MA red line from top to bottom;

The blue line crossed the blue moving line from top to bottom (a downward arrow appeared).

Take profit and stop loss for a short position are set in exactly the same way as when buying.

Special attention should be paid to horizontal green levels - this is how the Rubicon denotes quotes that are best suited for placing pending orders.


Despite the fact that the Rubicon tool is considered a universal indicator, suitable for any timeframe, experiments show that the most optimal timeframes are M15 and M30. At the same time, a trader who decides to use this algorithm as an assistant in trading must independently conduct experiments to identify trading results on a traded asset and timeframe.