"RSI Ichimoku" Indicator Combining RSI And Ichimoku Balance Table


This MT4 indicator is very unique. There are many people who have never seen such an indicator! This indicator is a combination of RSI and Ichizoku Balance Table, which enables you to perform different chart analysis. Let's look in more detail about such "RSI_ICIMOKU" full of such attractions.

"RSI_ICIMOKU" is simply an RSI instead of a lagging line for the glance balance table. If you look at the indicator you will usually find that the RSI (green line) is displayed where the slow line is displayed. In addition, the main chart is easier to see by sub-windowing the Ichimoku equilibrium table.

Usage Tips:

The usage of this indicator is quite diverse. First of all, it would be good to use it as a normal Ichimoku table. For example, "Place a buy order when the turning line goes above the baseline."

In addition, it is good to refer to "cloud" at the time of the end order. If the price comes to the clouds, you can do it at the best time by taking care of it.

Furthermore, let's use the delay line RSI unique to this indicator. It is also good to analyze market trends by looking at RSI figures, or to use RSI as a lagging line. For example, if the RSI falls below the standard, the transformation, and the cloud, it can be regarded as a downtrend.

As the possibilities are endless like this, try various ideas.

Compatibility: MT4


Tenkan:Numerical value for tenkan

Kijun:Numerical value for kijun

Senkou:Numerical value for senkou span

Rsip:Periods for RSI calculation

CL_Style:Determines style of cloud.2 for Dots : 0 for Line

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