Perfect Trend Indicator - you will never hesitate which direction to take again


This unique indicator uses market oscillations in its algorithm. The market oscillations are analyzed and with the help of various technical elements it finally performs an evaluation of the current trend situation.

Perfect Trend is designed to be used even by complete beginners. Moreover this indicator can predict trend changes very accurately, which undoubtedly makes it a helper that should not be missing in any modern trading strategy.

  • Trend indicator
  • User-friendliness: highly intuitive
  • Usability: Commodities, Stock Indices, Forex, Oil, Precious Metals
  • MetaTrader 4 Compatibility
  • Free indicator updates

Trading with the indicator

Perfect Trend, as already mentioned, is a very intuitive indicator that is not difficult to understand and therefore you only need to follow a few simple rules to trade with it. The whole point of trading is that the indicator itself alerts traders through the formation of dots in the chart (green dots = buy signals, light purple = sell signals) to when and in which direction it is appropriate to enter (see chart below). It is important that traders do not enter positions prematurely or, conversely, stay in them longer than necessary. This is the only way to achieve long-term profitability with the indicator.

Warning of possible trend changes

In addition to being able to alert on new opportunities, the indicator can also inform on possible trend changes through the change of the candlesticks, when their typical filled color changes to a standard looking candle (see the orange marked areas on the chart below), so traders can react to this new fact if necessary.

Warning! The indicator in this case does not give information that there will be a change in the trend, but that there may be a change.

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