Parabolic Trend Indicator for MT4


Trend indicators tend to be the alpha and omega of professional trading, since, for example, with linear indicators, it is possible to achieve long-term and very high success rates.

However, the Parabolic Trend Indicator goes a little further. This indicator takes into account the acceleration and deceleration that trends pick up over time, and therefore with it you can get slightly better results than with trends based just on linear predictions.

  • Parabolic Trend Indicator 
  • User difficulty: advanced
  • Usability: forex, Stocks, Gold
  • MetaTrader 4 Compatibility.
  • Free indicator updates
Parabolic Trend Indicator

Trading with the indicator

The Parabolic Trend indicator is a very intuitive indicator, where you just wait for the moment when one of the predicted zones is hit, based on which you enter a trading position.

Parabolic Trend Indicator

The chart below depicts a situation where there is a trend decline, where the midline of the parabolic trend has been hit, after which it is possible to start entering a trading position. The chart above, on the other hand, shows an analogously opposite situation.

Parabolic Trend Indicator

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