Multilevel Channel - PRO Forex across timeframes


Trading channels are becoming more and more in the consciousness of traders across the trading world as time goes on, and it's no wonder that their popularity is growing in relation to this factor.

The multi-level channel is one of the newer trading indicators that hides 3 channel setups within itself, so that every trader always has an overview of where the market is not only in terms of the tunnel he is watching, but also in terms of two more tunnels.

  • The probability threshold indicator
  • User difficulty: Intermediat
  • Usability: Gold, Silver, Forex
  • MetaTrader 4 Compatibility.
  • Free indicator updates

Trading with the indicator

The indicator contains 3 channels, of which the fastest one is most suitable for short-term trading, the middle channel for medium-term trading and finally the slow one is most suitable for longer-term trades. Trading with the indicator is based on the bounces from the channel edges, so if the price hits the bottom of a channel, then one usually enters long positions, on the contrary, if the price hits the top line of the channel, then one enters short positions.

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