Mastorsicci Divergence Indicator


The forex market never stands still. Like any organized system, it develops and progresses. Many trading ideas that were relevant yesterday are irrelevant today. Sometimes it happens the other way around: old and forgotten ideas suddenly turn out to be very relevant in today's market, showing excellent results. The financial market is volatile and incredibly interesting in its volatility.

Mastorsicci is an outrunning indicator of divergence. The basis of his work is a symbiosis of data from the four classic indicators: RSI, MACD, CCI, and Stochastic. Connected by a certain sequence, percentages, and coefficients ratio, the data of these indicators form a new, unique system for determining divergence. When divergence is detected, the indicator proceeds to check the specified conditions under which a signal is visualized.

Settings for the Mastorsicci indicator.

Divergence Period. This indicator parameter is responsible for the period in which a divergence search is in progress. By default, it is 8. We believe that this is the optimal value, but you can experiment with it, choosing even more optimal ones. The higher you set this value, the more stringent the filtering conditions of the signal you specify.

Mastorsicci Sensitivity. This parameter is responsible for the sensitivity of the indicator. Please note that in the window, the histogram of the indicator does not have any maximum or minimum average values of threshold levels, beyond which means an extremum. For each trading actives and chart period, these levels are unique and variable. And since Mastorsicci is a universal indicator, the user himself determines these threshold values using the Sensitivity parameter. By default, the Sensitivity value is set to 25, as this is the average value that fits most trading actives and periods. It means that divergence will be determined only when the bars of the histogram is equal to or higher than 25 or equal to or lower than -25.

Mastorsicci Alert. This is the indicator sound, enabled by default, and which the user can turn off by setting it to false.

Signals of the Mastorsicci indicator.

Under certain specified parameters and conditions, the Mastorsicci indicator generates a signal and visualizes it in the form of colored histogram bars and cross marks on the price chart. Blue bars and price marks indicate the probability of an upward price movement. Red bars and marks indicate a possible downward movement. All signals come at the close of the bar.

There is no lack of signal redrawing in this indicator. In real-time, it shows the same signals as in the depths of history. Mastorsicci is an outrunning indicator and does not signal a trend upon its completion, as many technical indicators do.

Important detail: the signal visualized at the close of a bar means a possible change in trend on a new bar that opens! This gives the trader an outrunning advantage in trades.


The occurrence of divergence is considered one of the most accurate signals in the Forex market. We tried to improve this idea. And what we did, we give to our users. Use, experiment, and find your unique parameters for the actives you are working with, for the time frame that you are using and for the profitable trading strategy that you will create using our tool. Share your opinions and leave comments on our website.