MA Crossover "3 MAs Crossover Alert" Indicator


There are a lot of people who are trading using Moving Averages (MA). The moving average indicator is one of the most popular tools used in trading.

The MA Crossover MT4 indicator that we provide here will give you a signal with an alert for each crossover of moving average lines that you specify. By using this indicator, you can immediately see "When did the MAs cross over?" It is also highly reliable because it uses three moving average crossovers instead of just two.

The indicator shown on the 1-hour chart

In the above example, the arrow is displayed at the moment when the 5-period, 20-period, and 35-period simple moving averages cross over. The blue arrow gives a buy signal while the red arrow indicates a bearish opportunity to place a sell order.

Furthermore, it is often difficult to see the price action clearly when moving average lines are displayed on the chart. This indicator eliminates that disarray and provides clear crossover signals.

As a demonstation, the image below shows how the same chart would look like with the moving average lines plotted.

Forex trading Metatrader MT4 indicator moving average crossover

The indicator shown together with the three moving averages it is derived from

Usage Tips:

The MA Crossover indicator should be easy to use if you are trading with the MA crossover system. You can simply place a buy order when the blue arrow appears, and vice versa - place a sell order when the red arrow appears.

It also means that "when the blue arrow appears = suggests a trend shift". This is useful in situations when you need to take profits or exit a position. For example, if you had an open sell trade and the blue arrow appears, it is probably a good time to think about exiting that short trade.

In this way, the MA Crossover indicator can be used for either booking profits or cutting losers.

Compatibility: MT4


FasterMA: Periods for Faster MA calculation

FasterShift: Shift of Faster MA

FasterMode: Mode for Faster MA. Choose from 0 = sma; 1 = ema; 2 = smma; 3 = lwma

MediumMA: Periods for Medium MA calculation

MediumShift: Shift of Medium MA

MediumMode: Mode for Medium MA. Choose from 0 = sma; 1 = ema; 2 = smma; 3 = lwma

SlowerMA: Periods for Slower MA calculation

SlowerShift: Shift of Slower MA

SlowerMode: Mode for Slower MA. Choose from 0 = sma; 1 = ema; 2 = smma; 3 = lwma

SoundAlert: 0 = off; 1 = on

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