JaP - Asian trend and candle indicator


Japanese trading indicators are in many cases very different from those that traders are used to in Europe or the USA, for example.

Today we have one such indicator that is neither a time curve nor a scale, as is the case with many others. However, the signals it provides in the form of various symbols are quite sufficient for full-fledged trading and, what is more, their success rate, within certain trading assets and instruments, is truly admirable.

  • Trend indicator and doji candles
  • User difficulty: Slightly advanced
  • Usability: Oil, Silver, Forex 
  • MetaTrader 4 Compatibility
  • Free indicator updates

Trading with the indicator

The indicator is made up of several different symbols, of which the green and red rectangle are used to predict trend situations, and the others inform that one of the "doji" candles has formed. There are therefore a number of trading methods, but the most used is trading on the basis of the rectangles already mentioned. If a green rectangle is formed, then there is a high probability that the market will fall (see chart above), while a red one indicates a rise (see below).

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Do you need help with installing this indicator into MT4 for Windows or Mac OS? Our guide HERE will help you.