Heart Rate for MT4 - beats like a heart


Heart Rate is a new ultra-modern trading indicator that is based on a combination of several oscillating indicators that have been additionally linked to moving averages, making this indicator a highly effective trading tool with above average success rates.

Finally, its full perfection has been helped by the experience of many traders who, with their personal knowledge, have been able to eliminate many of the bad signals that other similar tools usually provide to traders. 

  • Strong trend indicator
  • User complexity: Simple
  • Usability: Forex, Stocks, Commodities
  • MetaTrader 4 Compatibility
  • Free indicator updates
Heart Rate

Trading with the indicator

Heart Rate is based on the same principle as the crossing of ordinary moving averages, but with the difference that the accuracy of predictions of trend changes here tends to be up to 10% higher. Therefore, all that is needed is to wait for the crossing to occur and then enter in the direction of the light blue line of the indicator.

Heart Rate

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Do you need help with installing this indicator into MT4 for Windows or Mac OS? Our guide HERE will help you.