Gator Indicator for Metatrader 4


Gator indicator is a unified technical analysis tool that is very similar to Alligator. In fact, this oscillator reflects the potential signals of the Alligator in a simpler and more understandable form. The main task of the Gator indicator is to indicate to the trader the beginning of a possible trend and its attenuation.

Renowned trader Bill Williams developed this technical analysis tool. Gator was the main filter of his trading system and played an important role in a simpler reflection of Alligator signals. For reference, Alligator is three moving averages that intersect with each other and provide signals to the trader to enter the market. You can download the Gator indicator from the link below.

By itself, Gator in appearance resembles a double histogram, which is built on top and bottom of the zero levels and painted in two colors. By the color of the histogram bars and their size, we can judge the current trend or its absence in the market.

The goal is that the oscillator helps us to separate the flat areas of the market from those moments when there is a clear trend on the market. As it is known, the directional price movement makes it possible to find potential entry points that will fully provide a good ratio of potential profit to potential risk.

Indicator settings

As well as in the Alligator oscillator, in this indicator, there are settings that are responsible for the calculation period: Jaws, Teeth, Lips. The default periods of its parameters are recommended by the author of the indicator. But depending on the timeframe, trading actives, and strategy style, these parameters can be more finely tuned.

Indicator signals

The Gator indicator provides a number of signals that will greatly help to make the right and rational decision to enter the market.

If the bars of the histogram above and below the zero line are painted in different colors, then you can be sure - the Alligator starts to wake up. Simply put, there are prerequisites for the emergence of a trend movement.

When green bars appear on both sides of the zero level, this means that the Alligator begins to “eat.” Thus, we can conclude that the market trend is entering the active phase of its development.

When during the development of a trend, the indicator bars begin to be painted in a different color, then this is a direct sign that the trend movement is slowing down.

If it is observed that the Gator histograms have turned red on both sides, then there is a flat on the market, and at such moments it is better to refrain from trading actions.

In fact, all the signals of this indicator are quite simple to understand, and with certain skills, they will allow you to learn how to identify the optimal points for opening a trading position.


The Gator indicator is a trend indicator in its structure; accordingly, during the consolidation period, this instrument sometimes gives false signals. It is advisable to filter the indicator signals, which can be done, for example, by applying it in combination with other trend-determining instruments and avoiding periods with low volatility.

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