Fractal Huly Graal MT4 Indicator


Arrow trading indicator Fractal Huly Graal is built on the use of a pair of channels built at High / Low prices with a vertical displacement DistancePips and a signal moving average Trigger. This trading instrument can be used both during trend market movements and in situations of market calm, when the price is in a flat.

The Fractal Huly Graal indicator implements 2 setups for arrows / signals (CrossArrows): against the trend and along the trend.

Indicator settings

Fractal Huly Graal has a fairly extensive set of parameters, each of which is responsible for certain properties of the indicator. Knowing the properties of these parameters, you can quickly navigate the correct setting of the indicator for each specific trading instrument and choose the appropriate timeframe.

History: this parameter is responsible for drawing the indicator on history. The default is 4567, which means the indicator is displayed on the last 4567 historical bars.

TimeFrame2: this parameter is responsible for the construction period of the auxiliary channel (white lines) on the chart. By default, the value is equal to the current timeframe set on the chart.

TimeFrame1: responsible for the timeframe of the main channel (red and blue lines).

Period2: this parameter defines the period of offset of the additional channel.

Period1: Determines the period of the main channel offset.

DistancePips: a parameter that determines the vertical equidistance of the channel lines from the current high / low price.

Mode2: this parameter is responsible for the mode of plotting additional channel lines based on moving averages.

Mode1: parameter defining the mode of drawing lines of the main channel.

Price2, Price1: these two parameters determine at what prices the lines of the auxiliary and main channels are drawn. By default, the construction is calculated based on the prices of high / low bars.

TimeFrameT: parameter responsible for the timeframe of the central yellow line.

Trigger, TrigMode, TrigPrice, TrigShift: a group of parameters responsible for the mode, price and trigger offset when signals occur.

Parameters starting with ShowChanel2 to SIGNALBAR are a group of visual parameters responsible for the color, appearance and size of channels and indicator arrows.

AllertsMessage: Show notifications.

AllertsSound: notification sound.

AllertsEmail: with a certain terminal setting, the indicator sends a message to the specified email address.

AllertsMobile: The indicator sends an alert to the Metatrader mobile app. For the function to work, the Metatrader user ID must be correctly configured.

Indicator signals

Buy signals appear when the central yellow line crosses the lower border of the main channel, sell signals - when the yellow line crosses the upper (red line) border of the channel.


Please note that the appearance of trading signals and their correctness entirely depend on the correct setting of the parameters of the Fractal Huly Graal indicator. We recommend that you carefully study all the indicator parameters before starting trading. Once you understand them, you will be able to fine-tune these parameters to help you get really correct signals.