BearsBullsLevels - when will the next change happen?


Bear and bull power. Two sides that try to dominate control of a given market on a daily basis and then profit from the weakening of the other side.

BearsBullsLevels a new indicator whose main essence is not to inform traders about the current distribution of trading forces, but its meaning is that it can inform about the moments when there is a high probability of a trend change.

  • Market saturation indicator
  • User Intensity: Considerably Advanced
  • Usability: Forex, Stocks, Gold
  • MetaTrader 4 Compatibility.
  • Free indicator updates

Trading with the indicator

The BearsBullsLevels indicator has many ways it can be used. And although it may seem that it is one of the other standard oscillators, this is not the case. The indicator, unlike its counterparts, does not reflect the current amount of strength of one side or the other, but its value informs about when the market is so-called saturated (the indicator takes the value of 1 or more). The assumption then of this saturation is that there is likely to be a change in the trend in the near future (see the red lines below).

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