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Bulls&Bears Lines for MT4
Bearish and bullish trends are an indispensable part of trading because if these price developments did not exist, then the whole trading would be meaningless as the price would be constant. Bulls&Bears Lines is a relatively new trading indicator that focuses specifically on the development of bearish and bullish trends, and its error rate in terms of predictions is very small, one could even say negligible.
Indicators & EA
MACD Threshold Value Signal Indicator for Metatrader 5
MACD Threshold Value is a trading indicator built on the basis of the classic forex oscillator MACD. Its operation is based on determining the trend and thus searching for optimal points for opening positions. The indicator is located in the lower window of the price chart and is a histogram that crosses level zero from top to bottom, or vice versa, from bottom to top. In addition to the histogram, there are two lines in the indicator window, at the intersection of which the confidence and accuracy of the trend being determined is determined. Trading using the indicator can be made with any currency pairs, as well as using any timeframe.
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All 9 for MT4, an indicator where you don't need to switch between charts
Over time, trading candles have become a standard in trading, without which most traders, not only amateur but also professional traders, cannot imagine their trading life. Today's indicator is yet another major enhancement to the MT4 platform, thanks to which traders now have the ability to keep track of the current candle trends across all time frames, which can undoubtedly be a real boon for many who use multiple time frames at the same time.
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Parabolic SAR Histogram Trend Indicator for MT5
Parabolic SAR Histogram is a modification version of the classic Forex indicator Parabolic SAR. Now on the price chart, instead of dots, the indicator will display a histogram, with which it can be quickly determined the trend and identified the optimal entry points for trades. Due to the presence of two colors in the histogram, the trend can be easily and quickly determined. The indicator is very simple in the technique of its work, so even beginners can use it. The indicator is used with any currency pairs, with any timeframes.
Indicators & EA
Zeroer for MT4 - indicator always returning to zero
The Zeroer is a new trading indicator that gives traders information about the current minority and majority side of the market, which can be a great information bonus for everyone really. What's more, an interesting feature of the Zeroer is that when traded in a so-called crossover style, it usually works relatively as well as optimally set moving averages.
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Fractal Channels for MT4 - channels from which the price does not reflect
Fractals, and with them trading channels, are very popular trading indicators among traders, and even some "timeless" strategies of big trading companies are based on them. Today's indicator is all the more unique in that the boundaries of the trading channels are not formed with the help of various averages but based on previous fractals, which adds considerably to the indicator's strength and also to its overall relevance.
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Two Rivers Alert indicator based on Arrows for MT5
The Two Rivers Alert signal arrow indicator generates signals to enter trades. Its calculations are based on the functioning of two moving averages - iMA. The first moving average calculates at the High price, and the second at the Low price. And when these moving averages cross, an arrow of a certain color and direction is made, forming a signal to enter a trade. However, the signal will not be played on some bars, since the minimum price of the bar must be below the MA Low value, and the maximum price of the bar must be above the MA High . The indicator reproduces trading on any timeframe, with any currency pairs.
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Trend Direction and Trend Force indicator for MT5
The Trend direction and force indicator is designed to determine the direction and strength of the current market trend. Its operation is based on the values of the double smoothed exponential moving average (DSEMA), which allows to make a more profitable trade with a small number of false signals. The indicator is located in the lower window of the price chart and represents it is a solid line that changes color. Also, three levels are visible in the indicator window, which the line crosses from time to time. The Trend direction and force indicator can be used on any time interval with any currency pairs.
Indicators & EA
The BB MACD MT5 Indicator for determining the Trend
There are many indicators whose function is to determine the trend and its strength in the market. One of these indicators is a modification of the classic forex indicator MACD - BB MACD. Visually, it differs from its previous version, but the strategies of the two indicators are similar. The indicator draws two lines and points between them and is located in the lower window of the price chart. The trades using this indicator are made on any timeframe with any currency pairs.