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Declining Reserves Put Asian Currencies at Stake
There are worries that the significant decline in emerging Asian monetary authorities' foreign exchange reserves may limit market interventions to stop currency depreciation in the light of the powerful USD. The number of months of imports a nation can fund with its currency exchange holdings, a highly monitored indicator of reserves cover, has fallen to approximately 7 for EM Asia ex-China, the weakest since the global financial crisis in 2008. It increased from roughly 10 months at the start of the year to as much as 16 in Aug 2020, indicating a decline in the ability of emerging nations to protect their currencies.
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Sports Betting vs Trading: 4 Differences & Similarities
Betting is one of the favorite and most profitable pastimes of many. The rush you get while watching the game you’ve invested money in is one of a kind. However, some people compare sports betting with trading. In both, you have invested some money, and you wish to turn it into a more substantial amount. In this article, we’ll figure out how comparable sports betting, and trading actually are, so read on.
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USDJPY: Breakout but Beware Intervention [Newsletter Sep 9]
The main risk to holding long USDJPY positions is intervention from the BOJ. On the other hand, the main risk to trying to pick a reversal here by shorting USD
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As Russia Sabotages Gas Supplies, the Euro and Stocks Decline
Following Russia's escalation of the continent's energy shortage by cutting off crucial gas supplies, European stocks fell for the sixth time in a week, and the euro plunged to a 20-year low, portending a long, chilly winter for European states. In response to Russia's announcement that supplies through the Nord Stream pipeline would cease, European countries led by Germany announced measures to address a crisis in the cost of living and rising energy costs. The worst since 2002, the common currency fell as much as 0.8% on Monday to 98.78 US cents.
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Looking to Short EURUSD Post ECB Meeting [Newsletter Sep 2]
On balance, a sustainable break below parity (1.00) looks like a more probable scenario now than a return above it, for example toward 1.05.
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Japanese Yen Weakening, What Does It Means for the Country
The fundamental reason the yen has dropped below 140 per dollar for the first time in nearly 25 years is that Japan's central bank is maintaining ultra-low interest rates while the Federal Reserve and other central banks are carrying out disproportionate rate hikes. The unprecedented decline of the yen has benefitted and hurt the economy, industries, and households in equal measure. The severity of its collapse prompts officials to consider whether they should intervene in the currency market or alter BOJ policy to stop it.
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The UK's soaring inflation is pushing the pound lowest at a 37-year.
With speculation of inflation exceeding 18% next year and the likelihood that households all around the UK may experience energy poverty this winter, it is beginning to look as though nothing can stop the British pound from falling to historic lows. The UK's economic situation is getting worse day by day. Traders generally agree that the Bank of England will be forced to drive the economy into a deep recession and generate significant job losses in order to control pricing pressures.
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Stock Trading & Online Gambling: Are they the Same or Different?
People often consider gambling and trading to be the same thing. However, that comparison is not fair these two concepts do share some similarities, but there are some major differences between them. When you get to understand trading more deeply, as well as online gambling, then you truly get to see how these can differ. What’s more, when you understand them better, then you actually gain knowledge to even use the skills from trading in gambling and vice versa. So, let’s see which are common traits of these two industries and how they can differ.
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Mid-Year Fx outlook: How High Can the USD Go in 2022?
When will the Dollar Peak? – Look at Inflation Based on the technicals this could sometimes happen during the autumn months in the 112.00 - 114.00 DXY area.