What is Intraday Trading?


Intraday trading is the process in which stocks are traded within one trading day.

This means that the trader purchases stocks and eventually sells them before the stock markets are closed on that same day.

The aim of intraday trading is to make quick profits based on what is happening in the stock indices markets.

Due to the very short trading horizon, intraday trading is highly risky when compared to regular stock trading. Therefore, intraday trading is best practiced by skilled traders who have some amount of experience in trading stocks.

Due to the volatility of the stock market, intraday trading requires dedicated and focused attention to what is happening in the markets. Day traders therefore usually dedicate a good portion of their day to intraday trading, being on the constant look out for good buying and selling opportunities. Most day traders are full-time professional traders who make day trading a full-time occupation.

There are several intraday trading indicators that day traders may use to help them better navigate the stock markets. Technical analysis is very useful in helping traders to decide the best moves to make in terms of when to buy and when to sell, as well as what stocks to buy and what stocks to sell.

Day traders are advised to limit their capital investment on each trade to a maximum of 2 percent of their total trading capital to minimize the risk of loss. In conjunction with automated systems and trading rules, traders usually rely on price-volatility action to inform their trading decisions. The best day traders pick the most liquid stocks in order to maximize their trading profits. These stocks have the potential for greater profits because there is more price action during any given period when compared to other stocks.

Since there are so many different stocks that a day trader can choose from, it is advised that day traders limit their focus on a maximum of 3 scripps at any time. This allows them to concentrate and to make better trading decisions. More scripps than 3 may lead to confusion and a lack of focus which may lead to lost trading opportunities.

In intraday trading, it is important that traders do not allow themselves to make trading decisions that are emotionally triggered. This can lead to losses since many times emotional decisions are not based on logic or on sound trading strategies. Stop losses should be utilized at all times, as well as take profits. Once trading goals have been met, day traders should avoid staying in that trade in hopes of making additional profits. This can lead to losses.

If you are interested in intraday trading, you should only invest as much as you are prepared to lose. Because this type of trading is highly risky, you should avoid dedicating huge amounts of capital that you cannot afford to give up. Also, if you are interested in day trading, you should ensure that you can dedicate the time needed to do so profitably.