Top Real Time Instant News Feed Apps For Forex Traders


As a trader, you need at least a base on what is happening in the world right now. This information was something that people before the internet and globalisation didn't have. Still, today it is effortless to find out about the different events that are currently affecting the global economy.

Changes in the economy of a country will affect specific markets, altering the values of the assets. Short-term traders follow these daily changes in the economy and markets, and try to translate them into profitable selling or buying.

If you want to trade with assets like oil, gold, or Forex, it is essential to have access to a news feed that can keep you updated to the daily news.

Especially if you are day-trading or scalping, an instant news feed can make a huge difference in your trading.

What is a News Feed?

A news feed is an app or an online page that notifies you in real-time whenever a critical world event happens. This news can be about changes in the government of a country, new measures taken by central banks, trade war news, and other circumstances that can affect the market. You can find many platforms to have access to this information, all varying slightly in features. There are many free news feed apps that get the job done quite well. The paid premium services, on the other hand, understandably provide more and faster.

The Top instant news feed

Here are the best real-time news feeds you can use as a trader to be instantly informed about world news.

  • Bloomberg: Business News App. This mobile app can be used on I-Phone and Android platforms and give real-time news about business and the markets. The app allows you to have access to all the new data released by Bloomberg, written by their best financial journalists. You can filter the information to get news about specific dates and locations, reducing the search to what you need.


Traders, especially those who trade currencies, need to be informed about everything that happens in the world that may affect the Forex market. A great resource is to have access to the news in real-time. Whether you want to invest in an app or try a free option, you should have this tool at hand to take advantage of news-driven trading opportunities.