Top Financial Media News Sources for Traders and Investors


Investors make sure to pay close attention to daily financial news because many global events have a direct or indirect effect on the world's economy and markets, lowering or raising the values of different assets.

Following and studying the news can help predict the upcoming changes in financial markets. Therefore, those interested in making the correct investments need to have access to the news as fast and as accurate as they can.

Why is it essential to follow news feed for traders and investors?

Time is a crucial factor in any trading market. Sometimes values can change in a matter of hours or even minutes. Hence, traders and investors need to have the best information available as soon as they can so they can use it successfully in their investments. Following the global developments is the best way to know how a market is going to react. It provides clues that traders can relate to past events and how they affected the economy, which assets gained or lost value during those times, and what are the logical movements some stocks will make in those scenarios.

Top Financial Media News Sources

Here are some of the best news sources that investors and traders use to get the information first hand.

  • Bloomberg: The Bloomberg portal is one of the most reliable news sources on the internet. It provides information on time and organises it in different sections, categorised according to location, assets, industry, and other differentiations between news. You can have direct access to all the news related to the subject you are interested in investigating, which makes its interface more fluid. You can also access to its mobile app for I-phone and Android to stay informed wherever you go. As a downside, it can be a little expensive, but the information it provides is handy.