Losing Dominance - Price Action Trading Strategy


Losing Dominance is another in a series of high quality yet simple Price Action trading strategies, the advantage of which is that they can be used across different trading platforms, all without the need to install any extra add-ons.

Moreover, Losing Dominance is a strategy that is so simple that most traders only need a few short minutes to understand it, which is certainly a great advantage as well.

Strategy entry rules

Entering long positions

-three consecutive declining candles

-the candle bodies get smaller over time (that is, they are ordered from longest to shortest body)

Entry into short positions

-three consecutive rising candles

-the bodies of the candles decrease in time (that is, they are ordered from longest to shortest body)

In the above chart, it is possible to see a selling situation where three consecutive rising and falling candles have formed, after which traders usually start to execute their entries. On the contrary, the opposite situation can be previewed below, after which longs are realized.

With today's price action strategy, it is possible to achieve a long-term success rate in excess of 60%, which is a level that, with proper money management, is sufficient even in the case of less conservative trading.