Forex Books for Beginners


There is a huge amount of articles, video tutorials, guides and, of course, books that help to understand the functioning of the Forex Market, as well as teaching you how to act in relation to each situation.

For those who just start in the Forex Market, there isn’t a more complete, didactic and professional tool than a good book.

However, the catalog is so immense and so varied, responding from experiences to points of view, that it would be impossible to choose the right book without first a little advice.

Read on, to discover what could be your next Forex book for beginners, or your next source of knowledge on the inner workings of the largest market in the world today.

1. "Currency Trading for Dummies" - Brian Dolan (2011)

"Currency Trading for Dummies" is one of the best options for all those people who are just beginning to take an interest in the world of Foreign Exchange.

It was published in 2011, written by Brian Dolan, an expert in the Forex Market with more than 20 years of experience in the field, serving both as a trader and market analyst.

The book offers everything you need to start with the right foot to invest in the Forex Market. It is clear, easy to follow, and with a large number of hints and tips that will make it easier for you to venture into the market.

2. "Day Trading the Currency Market" - Kathy Lien (2006)

This book is one of the most popular among new and emerging investors of foreign exchanges since it offers two approaches to learning, both theoretical and practical.

"Day Trading the Currency Market" gives a balanced view of the main trading strategies and techniques necessary to generate regular earnings. The best part being that it focuses on a trading approach that optimises time and profit/loss ratios.

It is a practical and simple guide that will guide you step by step through all the terms, fundamentals, strategies and tools that a Forex trader should know.

3. "Forex Trading: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms" - Jim Brown (2016)

"Forex Trading: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms" is everything you need to know about Forex explained in a clear and simple way.

The book reviews all the elements that involve exchange operations, including the strategies to be followed, the administration of capital and the psychology of operations. It is ideal if you need to cover all the basics of the Foreign Exchange in an easy and concise way.

At the end of the book, author Jim Brown, offers a basic trading system or strategy, from which you can start to create new ways to invest in the Foreign Exchange.

Other Books

There are a number of other books worthy of mention, which are the ideal complement to any of the above mentioned books. Among them we have:

● Candlesticks For Support and Resistance - John H. Forman

● Hidden Divergence - Barbara Star

● Trend Determination - John Hayden

● The Six Forces of Forex - Scott Owens

● The Truth About Fibonacci Trading - Bill Poulos