E8 Funding, the Most Prominent Forex Trading Firm Since 2021

E8 Funding, the Most Prominent Forex Trading Firm Since 2021

It was not long ago when the proprietary firm in the forex trading market wasn’t much popular but the scenario has changed radically in past few years since the forex traders also took the benefits of funded accounts provided by forex prop firms. During the way, 2021 paved it differently with E8 Funding appearing in the market. E8funding's participation to fund traders has impacted the prop industry quite boldly, although you won’t see them igniting people with fake promises of overnight success.

Let's learn more about E8 Funding, their perks to traders, and the factors why traders should consider E8 Funding to be their go-to platform for a funded account.

E8 Funding Introduction

E8 Funding started to provide funds to traders in September 2021. They have two operational offices in Dallas and Prague, although the E8 headquarter is in Dallas. This diversity in operational hubs has allowed them to serve traders globally and flawlessly. According to E8 Funding, they now have traders from 192 countries, and each month they are disbursing profits of $50M to their traders.

These numbers have to have legitimate proof of their offerings, and the features of why these numbers are justified to claim and to have, Let’s now explore.

E8 Funding Features

  • E8 Track, the most demanding scaling-up account for forex traders
  • Fast Accosunt Processing
  • Automated Payout System
  • Upto 80% Profit Share
  • No minimum trading days on regular account type
  • Supports EA, allows news trading
  • 1:100 Leverage
  • Prompt Customer support
  • Funding upto 600k

These are just a few of the standout features that a trader would find at E8 Funding; there are many more benefits offered to traders. Let's look at why traders prefer E8 Funding to other forex prop firms now that we are informed of what they have to offer.

E8 Funding, the Most Prominent Forex Trading Firm Since 2021

Why Traders Choose E8 Funding?

E8 Funding has proven that they are super careful and committed to its traders from the very beginning of its journey to fund Forex traders. This starts with trader evaluation. Since so many traders want to be funded but not all of them deserve it, E8 Funding offers a model for evaluating traders that is friendly to them, allowing only those who truly deserve it to access a funded account. So what happens to the others who fail? They get the chance to reset their evaluation with a minimum fee, allowing them the opportunity not to make mistakes again and be in perfect shape for successful trading.

E8 Funding’s dashboard is the coolest prop trading dashboard you’ll find ever. Traders can access all the information and statistics they need to stay on track. Additionally, they provide MT4 and MT5 on Apple devices together with their terminal, which is a significant perk for professional forex traders.

Slippage has long been a source of frustration for traders, but thanks to E8 Funding, you hardly ever experience slippage in your trading. If it occurs (which never does), the server they use might be blamed rather than E8 Funding.

The support! E8 Funding definitely has the best customer support, although they are available for a limited time, they are promptly responsive, besides, they are also accessible through email and they respond quickly there as well.

E8 Funding probably has the cleaner image of being a prop firm, their appearance on MyForexReport, Trustpilot, TrustIndex, and sums it all up.

Last Words

E8 Funding has remained true to its principles of supporting traders in growing in every way instead of creating marketing hype or buzz in the market. You would never see them promoting “easy to grow” things. They seek to offer more to their traders in recognition of their efforts. If you have to believe in yourself, trying E8 Funding is never a disgrace. E8 Funding? Recommended!