Are you trading PAMM accounts? And do you have a license?


The world of investments is moving forward by leaps and bounds and what was true a couple of years ago is most probably outdated today. It goes hand in hand with the constant development of new technologies that have reached the financial sector as well. And that’s where people are looking for new alternatives to traditional investment possibilities.

One such possibility is investing in the strategies of experienced traders who trade for a living either on Forex or on other markets. But to be able to legally manage their clients’ funds, they must get the necessary authorization or licenses, which is not an easy task.

The Purple Trading broker was established for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of experienced clients who are looking for innovative ways to invest their capital and to provide complex solutions for traders who don’t have the authorization to manage their clients’ money.

Purple Trading is a company regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, and holds a portfolio management license, meaning that they have the right to manage their clients’ portfolio. Suitable clients can connect to professional traders who have their own trading strategies (know-how). These traders are called strategy providers.

Top technology and liquidity are used to execute trades. Everything works in perfect harmony, therefore the strategy providers can focus only on one thing, and that is profitable trading.

Nowadays, there are many companies and PAMM traders who have a similar business model, but very few of them have it worked out as well as Purple Trading. Those who are thinking of staying in this business on a long-term basis must have a professional tool in every aspect.

If you are a professional trader and have people around you who would like to try this progressive investment method, get in touch with us at . We’ll gladly provide you with more information.

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