3 Fun Things You Can Blow Your FX Trading Winnings On


Provided that you know how to trade in foreign exchange like a pro, there is little doubt about the fact that there’s money to be made here. But today we are not here to talk about making money from forex trades, but how to spend all that extra cash you are making on the side!

Granted, saving most of it or even reinvesting the money back into forex is the most ideal path to take, but there is something just not right about having a separate disposable income source and not blowing even a single pound of it. Although most of us already know how to blow money away much faster than we earn it, we are still going to share a few fun and potentially profitable ideas to spend your forex trade winnings on.

Try Out a Few Games of Chance

If you think about it, there is a lot of chance at play in share and forex trading, because even with the latest smart software tools, constant online updates, and guidance form expert traders, it is impossible to predict everything with 100% accuracy. Since you are already investing money in the foreign exchange trade profitably, chances are that you are going to have a lot of fun blowing your money at an online casino.

Admittedly, betting games are by no means investments, just as currency and stocks have the potential to be, but if you have luck on your side, the winnings from an online slot or a game of live casino blackjack can be quite massive. In fact, if you play at a registered and regulated online casino that has a sizable welcome bonus offer going on at the time of your joining, you should be able to increase your odds of winning and get better value for your deposits.

For example, BonusFinder UK wrote recently that Pink Casino is offering an even better bonus offer than traditional welcome bonuses. All new players will instantly get a no deposit bonus of £10 to spend on slot games, just for opening an account with them. Deposit a few pounds from your forex trade winnings and they will match your deposit in casino credits, making the deal even sweeter.

Invest in a Personal Wish Fund

Perhaps you want to put in a full-sized swimming pool in your backyard for the kids, or maybe you are already considering your next car. Why not start investing your forex trade winnings into a personal wish fund until you have saved enough to help make that wish come true? You are surely no stranger to investing of course, but to solely have a dedicated fund for making one of your own wishes come true is less about investing and more about self-satisfaction and self-rewarding.

Donate to a Cause You Believe In

Donations are seldom ‘fun’ when someone bothers you with the request, but if you make one to a cause that you truly believe in, it does feel strangely satisfying and fulfilling. Now, there are a few points to keep in mind and consider before you donate money to anyone or to any organisation.

The world is in perpetual need of money and there are more worthy causes to donate for than we can possibly count. There are also scammers, shams, and cheats who thrive by taking advantage of kind hearts. The best way to donate a portion of your disposable income and actually feel good about it is to follow your heart, with a little guidance from your brain.

Find the cause that calls to you and donate via either a reputed, well-known organisation, or someone you know and trust on a personal level. Alternatively, you can donate money to a local welfare programme that you know well enough. As far as the cause itself is concerned, it does not have to be the greatest, most noble cause that everyone will approve, as long as you find satisfaction from promoting it.

Why Not Reinvest?

The idea behind spending some of the extra money you earn from forex trades is not a proposition to be reckless with your financials. Instead, it’s a suggestion to let off some steam every now and then. The more pressure one handles at work, the higher one’s need to bust stress becomes, which is why we often see high level executives, CEOs, business owners, and celebrities engaged in unexpectedly fun activities just because they like it. Of course, our expenditures would be a lot less extravagant, and you should still reinvest a portion of the winnings back into forex trades.

It is a well-known fact that in order to work hard and reach the zenith of our success, we must have points of pressure release and reenergisation as well. Hopefully, spending a bit of your side income on any one or several of the fun activities mentioned here will let you release that pent up stress, rejuvenate yourself, and work harder the next day.