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A Beginner’s Guide To Trading The Stock Market On Your Phone
We will have a look here at a few of the most popular Apps and how they can help you get started. There are many benefits to using apps instead of the more old-fashioned routes because they can normally keep their costs down and therefore cost you less in commissions or fees. Check out some of the options available below.
FX Articles
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
THANK YOU for your continued support throughout this year and in previous years to those of you who are following us from earlier. We wish you a joyous and festive holiday season, a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and a Happy New Year.
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What Is a Swap Fee in Forex?
A swap fee is an interest usually paid or received by a forex trader for holding an open trading position overnight. It is usually calculated automatically by the forex swap calculator, and only the change to your account on the trading platform confirms it. Swap fees are also called rollover fees. They depend on the interest rates of the currencies you trade, and the positions opened on both currencies.
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RSI7 & EMA21 on D1 - Long Term Trading Strategy
The Relative Strength Index and Moving Averages are very powerful and also effective indicators that are often used not only by less experienced traders, but also by great professionals who know very well why they do so. And precisely because these indicators are so popular, it would be a shame not to show here at least one strategy in which both can be used simultaneously, which of course increases the probability of ultimate success, which is what everyone is undoubtedly after here.
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RVI - entrance on a Hill or in a Ravine
Some indicators are more popular than others, but there are some that traders have hardly heard of and yet they are highly used technical analysis indicators at the professional level. One such indicator is the RVI, which will be the centerpiece of our next very simple trading strategy today, which, thanks to its simplicity, could find favour not only among technically based traders, but also, for example, among some fundamentalists.
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Losing Dominance - Price Action Trading Strategy
Losing Dominance is another in a series of high quality yet simple Price Action trading strategies, the advantage of which is that they can be used across different trading platforms, all without the need to install any extra add-ons. Moreover, Losing Dominance is a strategy that is so simple that most traders only need a few short minutes to understand it, which is certainly a great advantage as well.
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Central DeMarker
The DeMarker Oscillation Indicator is an often overlooked technical indicator, but it can provide information with high accuracy about the moment when the market is experiencing a change in the balance of power. With a properly set DeMarker, trading professionals can exit and enter trading positions usually at least one candle earlier, allowing them to not only make higher profits but also reduce trading losses, giving them two bonuses in one unique indicator.
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Five hungry wolves - significant price formation
The Five Hungry Wolves is a trading formation that is not difficult to understand and at the same time it also harbours immense trading potential. The whole formation consists of waiting for the moment when five consecutive candles are formed in one direction, after which an entry in the same direction is made. In fact, from long term observations, it has been found that the markets tend to continue after so many candles in one direction, as by definition there is considerable strength in the markets in that direction at the moment, which stimulates the aforementioned continuation.
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Factors to Consider When Comparing Forex Brokers
A Forex broker, or foreign exchange broker, is a place that provides a platform to buy and sell currencies. Currency pairs, such as EUR/USD (Euro versus United States dollar) and GBP/USD (British pound versus the United States dollar), are purchased and sold. For beginner Forex traders, comparing Forex brokers can be overwhelming. The objective of this article, therefore, is to shed light on the key deciding factors for selecting a Forex brokerage.