Daily HFT Trade Setup – AUDUSD Bouncing Between HFT Buy & Sell Zones


Today’s analysis of Fx HFT algorithms’ activity shows that the AUDUSD pair is bouncing back and forth between the two light HFT zones.

AUDUSD during the early Asian session first reached the light HFT buying pressure zone that is noted at 0.7174 and below. It then bounced strongly on the RBA policy decision announcement (50bp rate hike) and quickly reached the light HFT selling pressure zone, which is noted at 0.7219 and above. 

The bullish attempt on the light HFT zone was also rejected as quickly as it rose, and AUDUSD is now back to trading between the two HFT zones. Traders will keep watching the price action, and whether AUDUSD can perhaps stage a larger move today, potentially toward the medium HFT zones. Those are located as follows today:

  • medium HFT buying pressure zone at 0.7129 and below.
  • medium HFT selling pressure zone at 0.7264 and above. 
AUDUSD daily trade signal HFT indicator

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