Daily HFT Trade Setup – USDJPY Ping-Pongs Between HFT Buy & Sell Zones


The analysis of HFT algorithms today shows that the USDJPY pair remains in a largely range-bound state as we kick off the first trading day of the new year.

Low volatility and thin liquidity are still in the market as the US, UK, and many other countries are on holiday extending from new years day.

USDJPY today traded up into the light HFT selling pressure zone that's located at 115.2 and above. After getting rejected there, the price fell steadily and also reached the light HFT buying pressure zone that is noted today at 114.99 and below. 

Still, the overall volatility remains low, with today's range only of about 40 pips. That said, USDJPY is now finding buyers in the HFT buy zone and could potentially make another go toward the HFT sell zone until the end of today's trading session.