Daily HFT Trade Setup – AUDJPY Breaks Through All Three HFT Buy Zones in Risk-Off Dump


The activity in the Fx market today shows a classic risk-off wave triggering massive selling in risky assets and currencies. As would be expected, the AUDJPY pair is one of the most affected and is experiencing a deep sell-off in today's session, down 200 pips at one point.

The selling blasted through all three HFT buying pressure zones, which are noted today at these levels:

  • light HFT buying pressure zone at 82.73 and below
  • medium HFT buying pressure zone at 82.328 and below
  • strong HFT buying pressure zone at 81.926 and below

The price now remains inside the strong HFT buying pressure zone around the 81.40 level. Given the steep decline, there could be some recovery later today or potentially a dead cat bounce and then further selling.

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