Daily HFT Trade Setup – EURUSD Range-Bound Between HFT Sell & Buy Zones Ahead of ECB


The analysis of HFT algorithms' activity on the EURUSD major pair today shows that the battle between the bears and the bulls is mainly tied with the price staying in a range so far in today's trading session.

EURUSD is currently range-bound between the two light HFT zones, as indicated by our advanced FxTR HFT indicator. The sell and buy zones are located at the following levels for today's day-trading session:

  • the light HFT selling pressure zone at 1.1813 and above.
  • the light HFT buying pressure zone at 1.1761 and below.

Keep in mind the risk of high volatility in EURUSD today during and around the time of the release of the ECB statement (1:45pm CET) and then 45 minutes later, the press conference with President Lagarde (starting at 2:30pm CET).

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