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Cryptocurrency Dictionary Part 3
Choyna is a misspelling, an imitation of Donald Trump saying “China”. Many people in China have invested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies making them very influential on the market. A cipher is a group of steps that will make the data not readable so
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Cryptocurrency Dictionary Part 2
​​Bitcoin (BTC) BTFD. Bitcoin ATM (BTM) Bubble Bull Bull Trap Byzantine Generals Problem (BGP) Candlesticks Capital Central Processing Unit (CPU) Chain Split It’s one of the earliest forms of digital cash that gave strength to the cryptocurrency movement.
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Crypto Dictionary – Basic Terms – Part 1
​2-Factor Authentication (2FA) It’s an extra security layer to protect accounts by requiring—in order to log into an account—information that’s only accessible to the owner. It usually comes in the form of an extra code sent to a phone number or email acc
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Profitable Monero Trading Strategy: Secret Crypto Trading
Monero is yet another private cryptocurrency among the spectrum of those we’ve already discussed here so far. Like the others we’ve seen, Monero is a very famous cryptocurrency between the group, and this ensures a good amount of liquidity for traders. Th
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Profitable Btc And Crypto Support Resistance Trading Strategy
Defining supports and resistances Support zones Resistance zones Broken support becomes resistance and vice versa The support and resistance trading strategy Support and resistance trading is one of the most basic, yet highly effective trading strategies
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Successful Crypto & Bitcoin Price Action Strategy
What Is Price Action? Why Should Traders Take Price Action Into Consideration? How Can You Use Price Action For Trading Today? There are many ways you can trade cryptocurrencies - either Bitcoin or any other altcoin - depending on what you base your predi
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Profitable Eos Trading Strategy: Trading The Cloud
The EOSIO platform is one of the most promising projects right now when it comes to crypto investments in both the short and long term horizon. The platform, which looks to provide solutions for online hosting, storage, and computing, has done great work
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3 Important Must Haves In Bitcoin Mining To Know About
Bitcoin is known to be one of the very first decentralized digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies are simple electronic coins that can be sent or received by means of using internet sources. In 2009, bitcoin was introduced for the very first time. It is sti
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How To Make Huge Profits With Simple Crypto & Bitcoin Breakout Trading Strategy
Trading breakouts is a very popular strategy among traders in many markets, not just with cryptocurrencies. However, when it comes to cryptos, trading breakouts can be somewhat intimidating after the first impression. But, you don’t need to worry about th