Possible 2020 Bitcoin Crash


While investors may start to support Bitcoin more notably in 2019, a potential crash is still possible this year.

But even if Bitcoin survives 2019 without a crash, predictions uncover that investors and market representatives might not learn the lesson yet and the cryptocurrency could plunge yet another time in 2020.

1. Expectations Vs Reality

The blockchain technology is not a self-sustaining technology but the services it offers might last for hundreds of years. In the end, it is a technology and is destined to fail until we as a society trace the malfunctions and possible errors and try to rectify them. More importantly, we shall be able to generate and capture the value it has to offer.

The above statements predict the emotions and expectations of the investors tied to this system, no doubt blockchain and bitcoin offer the most secure transaction channels and you can't feel more comfortable elsewhere. Yet our humid practices of just extracting the revenue out of the system instead to make it more stable will leave the bitcoin in peril even if somehow it revives in 2019.

2. Competition

Since a potential crash in 2019 will provide the competitors with a chance to validate their systems and make them more stable, bitcoin will not be entertained as it was in previous years either by the investors or the market. A strong comeback of bitcoin in 2020 will be a huge miracle since others would have probably amped-up their competition.

As far as the price factor is concerned a generous rise of as much as $60,000 could be expected from bitcoin or a more visible failing statement at $4,000 - $5,000 could be witnessed. But still the other cryptocurrencies will be targeting the trade and liquidity in the market, bitcoin would have to come up with one solid strategy to survive in 2020.

By late 2020, either bitcoin will regain its title as the world's largest cryptocurrency or it will get crushed by the competitors.

3. Misallocation of the capital

Investors won’t be thinking straight in the absolute state of the global mania, and overinvestment will take the better of them. This unnecessary cash flowing in the venture capital will not only jeopardize the assets but can also prove to be a misallocation of the capital.

4. Global Market Crashing

If bitcoin crashes it would not do much damage, probably $30 billion dollars can disappear without leaving much of a trace right? But the point to ponder here is that, at the end of the day, bitcoin is still money - what does it matter if it is not money of the conventional sort.

That being said, we don’t know how bitcoin is submerged into the finance system and what possible contracts are linked to cryptocurrencies. But in a 2020 crash, we would more certainly find out in an instant which markets invested their fortunes in bitcoin and who is going to be hit hard in a potential crash scenario.

The Near Future of Bitcoin

Predicting the future is a tricky business and when it comes to analysing a strong decentralized economy such as bitcoin the job gets even trickier and more complex. There are many assumptions and predictions out there for determining the future of bitcoin and a single valid assumption is that “Nothing is for sure”.

Either the bitcoin will become the greatest cryptocurrency in the world or other cryptocurrencies will get more popular. Whatever the end game may turn out to be it is still very difficult to predict the near future of bitcoin.

But experts and financial analysts have their views, such as:

  1. Bitcoin is more likely to dominate the world of cryptocurrency after these explicit crashes.
  2. OR bitcoin will be gone for good.
  3. Whatever may the chances be, the ultimate truth is that the price of bitcoin will never reach $0, that is for sure.

A Final Assessment

Taking into account all the possible factors, theories and predictions it goes without saying that the Bitcoin business is tricky and complex as it gets. Each move is unpredictable yet the consequences are staring right in our face, but we fail to process them.

But in the end, it all comes to whether bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency has an end game that is very essential. What you expect from this business and what will you get are two different scenarios. Expectations do not always pay off but true hard work, dedication, and passion to come out of the storm and into the light is the true legacy. That is how every business should work, extracting their fair share of profit and leaving the resources free to be used by the others.

That is why everyone should have widely open eyes when investing in bitcoin and advisably seek professional assistance in determining what will suit best with their intentions.

In the end, every single move of Bitcoin or any other market is a great trading opportunity. As long as you trade with the price direction, you are going to make profits in the long-term. Be sure to check out our bitcoin and crypto trading strategies at our website here.

Take care and trade well!