Electrum Bitcoin Wallet


There are several different bitcoin wallets available on the market today. However, Electrum bitcoin wallet is among the most in demand because of its ease of use as well as its superb functionality. Whether you are a new bitcoin trader or miner, or you have years of experience with this particular cryptocurrency, the Electrum bitcoin wallet has some useful features and several benefits to offer

Electrum bitcoin wallet may be downloaded from the internet right unto your computer. It is a free software and may be installed on both Windows and Mac computers. Installation of Electrum bitcoin wallet is quick and simple, and users are guided through the entire installation process. Electrum also supports various hardware wallets such as Ledger, Trezor and Keepkey. There are several different features offered by the Electrum bitcoin wallet.

Safety and Security

One of the most appreciated features of the Electrum bitcoin wallet is its safety feature. The wallet uses encryption to ensure that all your keys are safe and not susceptible to being accessed and used by unauthorized individuals. In addition to this, the Electrum wallet provides proof checking of all the transactions in your history. This gives users a sense of security and safety knowing that there are checks in place to support them, should the need for transaction verification arise.


Another popular feature of the Electrum bitcoin wallet is the flexibility that it offers to users. Users do not have to worry about being locked in because the wallet allows for the exportation of private keys to other bitcoin clients. This means that users can transfer their bitcoins as they see fit, without worrying about any hindrances in the process. Also, if you forget your secret keys, the system allows you to recover your funds using a secret phrase. With Electrum, users are also able to store their private keys offline, while they go online with a watching-only wallet. Another flexibility feature of the Electrum bitcoin wallet is that it facilitates the spending of coins between several different wallets.

Speed and Reliability

When it comes to conducting online transactions, speed and reliability are of great importance. The developers of the Electrum bitcoin wallet have taken this into consideration and have created a wallet that is fast and reliable. Because Electrum uses servers that have direct access to the bitcoin blockchain, it facilitates quick transaction speed. In addition, because Electrum servers are decentralized, it means that users do not have to worry about any downtime. Electrum bitcoin wallets are always up and functioning, making them highly reliable and available for use at whatever time users require access.

Third Party Plugin Support

The Electrum bitcoin wallet allows for the addition of plugins which extend the functionality of the wallet. Users are able to add-on several different third-party plugins which offer different functionality features such as multisig services, hardware wallets and much more. Many of these plugins are free which makes them even more attractive as add-ons to the Electrum bitcoin wallet.