Cryptocurrency Dictionary



It describes technology like computers and smart devices. With the use of two numbers, it has 1 to represent positive or on, while 0 represents negative or off.

Digital Asset

It’s an electronic asset over which its owner has the rights to use. Digital Assets can be texts, audios, pictures or cryptocurrency.

If you have no rights to use that file, it won’t be a digital asset.

They can be transported or accessed on many types of technology through CDs, computers, USB drives, blockchain, and other devices.

Digital Signature

Permission or proof is done through a computer with which an authorized person has agreed to something.

Signing for something gives the private key to another person and only to them. It encrypts information along with a stamp of the time of signing. The Digital Signature will become void and invalid if the information is somehow modified, altering the time stamp.


A dildo is a tall bullish or bearish bar found on a chart that shows the changes in the price of a cryptocurrency. Price bars of any size are also known as candles when using the candlestick chart.


Known to be a drop in an asset’s price, it could be on a stock or a cryptocurrency.

Directed Acyclic Graph

Also known as DAG, it is a structure built out in a single direction in a way that it never repeats.

The Directed Acyclic Graph is a structure of units, and it’s a connection between them in a way where it is not circular or repeating.


It is defined as a type of computer system that runs simultaneously by many computers, running as a single system with the benefit of higher performance to do intense computing in no time; the capability to service many persons in many locations at the same time and reliability to function even if one fails or is unavailable to its user base.

Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack

Also known as DDoS, the Distributed Denial-of-Service is a computerized attack on a digital service, can be on a website or other online service. A DDoS causes the function to slow down, malfunction or even shut down, producing as a consequence to stop real users from taking advantage of the service.

Distributed Ledger

It is a system of independent computers that are simultaneously recording data. Identical copies of the recording make use of distributed ledger to be kept on each computer.


Diversification is an investment strategy where investors purchase many types of assets. This way, it controls the impact of any single investment.

Many investors are big fans of diversification. However, this can get overdone. Even if you have a low risk to lose everything, spreading yourself too thin across many different investments will also generate small profits.