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Indicators & EA
The RVI Custom Levels Alert Signal indicator for MT5
The RVI Custom Levels Alert indicator is made as an updated and thus improved version of the standard RVI forex indicator. In the new version, as in the previous one, there are two lines on the chart, but now, at the moment they cross in a certain order, arrows will appear in the indicator window, signaling the possibility of opening a deal in a certain direction.
Trading Systems
Tightening Between Two - Forex Strategy for Advanced Traders
There are countless trading strategies in trading today, with some working better in pro-trend situations, while others give great results when the market moves sideways and oscillates regularly. Today, however, we have one of the more unique strategies, which can be said to defacto fall under neither of the aforementioned types, as it not infrequently ever straddles the line between them, as it usually occurs when a new sentiment is forming in the market.
Trading Systems
Antiflat Trading Strategy for the EURUSD currency pair
The Antiflat strategy is based on effective forex indicators that provide the possibility of break-even trades. By using the strategy, the desired results can be achieved in a short period of time, since trading is made only on the H1 chart, and only with the EURUSD pair. One of the advantages of this strategy is the possibility of making several trades in one trading day, however, it should be borne in mind that before opening a new trade, all previous ones should be closed.
FX Articles
EURJPY Short Trades Could Soon Exist [Fx Newsletter, Jun 23]
Markets are currently expecting too little from the BOJ and too much from the ECB. To reverse-play the weak JPY, short EUR is a better choice than short USD.
Indicators & EA
MACD Colored Zerolag Indicator for MT5
The MACD Colored Zerolag is a trading indicator made using a modification of the previous version, that is, the MACD oscillator. It was created to identify the features and patterns of price dynamics, as well as to convert the accumulated data through history. Unlike the previous version, MACD Colored Zerolag works without delay signals, which in turn are very accurate. On the chart, the indicator is represented as a colored histogram with a moving line. When trading with the indicator, it can be used any convenient timeframes and currency pairs.
Trading Systems
The Triple Confirmation Universal Trading Strategy
Triple Confirmation is a strategy formed from standard indicators to identify the most accurate market entry points. The strategy includes three standard indicators, which is clear from the name of the strategy. Forming a small system, the indicators confirm each other's signals, which can add confidence during the execution trades. The Triple Confirmation strategy is suitable for trading with any currency pairs, however, it should be chosen the timeframe more carefully, it should be borne in mind that the strategy will not be so effective on too small or too large timeframes, timeframes from M15 and higher will be the most optimal.
FX Articles (Guests)
Track your trading performance with Fxmerge
If you are keen to succeed in the world of Forex, you are surely going to enjoy what Fxmerge can offer you. This portal can be your best partner in managing your trading while keeping track of how your investments are going. Trading is all about experience and achieving good results, even though sometimes this is not always possible due to the inevitable risks associated with trading. However, if you keep track of your trading performance and learn to use this information to your advantage, you will be in a much better position to make well informed choices and decisions.
Trading Systems
Only Long - some guaranteed ways to trade with this method
Only Long is a trading method in which the trader executes only long trades in assets and trading instruments whose price usually increases over time. Gold and stock indices tend to be the most common assets that continuously rise over time due to inflationary effects. Conversely, this cannot be said of individual stocks, even though even the strongest stocks have managed to fail many times in history. And why is this the case for indices and not for stocks? It is simply because when one of the stocks included in a stock index fails, it is usually discarded and replaced by another of higher quality. The index then usually falls a little, but over time its value rises again due to inflationary effects.
Indicators & EA
The MACD Stochastic Overlay Trading indicator for MT5
MACD Stochastic Overlay is a specialized system designed to assess the current market position, as well as to identify optimal entry points to the market. On the chart, this indicator is represented as candles painted in certain colors, thanks to which the direction of the trade will be revealed. Despite the complexity of the calculations, the indicator MACD Stochastic Overlay is quite simple to use. To perform its main tasks, the indicator combines the calculations of two indicators MACD and Stochastic at once, which together create a win-win mini strategy that can be used on any timeframe, with any currency pairs.