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Trading Systems
The BeeJay trading Strategy based on standard Indicators
The BeeJay strategy is a trading algorithm consisting of standard Forex indicators, time-tested. The strategy includes very effective indicators that, together with each other, quickly and accurately determine the current trend and signal the possibility of opening a certain position during the current market movement. Despite the number of indicators used, the strategy remains very easy to use and does not require special trading skills, which makes it possible for traders with different levels of experience to use the strategy.
Indicators & EA
The Keltner ATR Band trading indicator for MT4
The Keltner ATR Band is a specially developed trading algorithm for finding the optimal moment to enter the market, which is based on the calculations of two indicators included in the standard Forex set. Thus, an indicator that can be considered a small trading strategy is presented directly on the price chart and is a channel of parallel moving averages, thanks to which the possibility of opening a trade is determined. By the concept of operation and visualization, the indicator does not differ much from its standard version, that is, the Keltner Channel indicator, however, the modification version is considered more accurate.
FX Articles
EURGBP: Watching a Potential Reversal [Newsletter Sep 22]
Quick update on our open trades: Both the short EURUSD and short NZDJPY trades are working well so far and proceeding toward the designated TP targets.
FX Articles (Guests)
Traders Fair & Awards, Thailand 2023
Cheers to a new wonderful and amazing year of 2023 with Thailand Traders Fair. Thailand Traders Fair by the FINEXPO is back again and it will be the first stop of the Traders Fair tour. Thailand Traders Fair will be held on February 25th 2023 at Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok. It will feature headliners such as expo booths from top financial companies, speaking seminars and workshops, entertainments, lucky draws, live performances and also fantastic prizes giving out.
Indicators & EA
The MACD Histogram MC Trading indicator for MT5
The MACD Histogram MC is an updated and thus improved version of the standard MACD indicator, which can be used in trading for the same purposes as the MACD itself, that is, to determine the current trend, its strength and find the best moment to enter the current market, however the new version prevails with greater accuracy in calculations and generated signals. MACD Histogram MC is displayed in the lower window of the price chart as a multi-colored histogram with two signal moving lines, which, depending on market conditions, is located above or below the signal level 0. Thanks to these indicator values, it can be easily and quickly, and most importantly, effectively made any trades.
FX Articles
Continuous Dollar Growth Increases Intervention Bets
It is anticipated that the US dollar will continue to gain ground, fueling suspicion that authorities will conduct unprecedented market interventions to increase the value of the currencies that lost out in the deal. Even while the US has taken steps to quell concerns of such a move, many experts anticipate a coordinated effort by powerful nations to devalue the dollar. They also anticipate Japan to boost up its expensive efforts to support the yen on its own, without assistance from others.
Indicators & EA
The ZigZag Buy Sell Arrow trading indicator for MT4
The ZigZag Buy Sell indicator is a modification version of ZigZag, which is already available in the standard forex set. According to the strategy, the ZigZag Buy Sell indicator does not differ much from the standard version, their difference lies only in visualization. The new indicator is represented on the chart in the form of the same zigzag lines, but with the addition of arrows that allow quickly determining the direction of the trade, which is made during a certain trend. In addition, ZigZag Buy Sell signals are more accurate, and therefore trading is made with a good profit.
Indicators & EA
The VHF Adaptive ADXm trading indicator for MT5
The VHF Adaptive ADXm is an improved modification of the ADX indicator included in the standard forex set. In addition to improving the technical performance of the indicator by adding the Vertical Horizontal filter, as well as improving the accuracy of its signals, its visualization has also been changed. Unlike the standard version, presented as three lines, the VHF Adaptive ADXm indicator is presented in the lower window of the price chart as two lines, one of which is the main one, and the second is a signal one. Intersecting with the signal line, the main one, depending on the current market conditions, is painted in one of two colors, which help in choosing the direction of the current position.
FX Articles (Guests)
Yen drops past 145 per dollar; Japan may intervene with its currency
As the yen retreated past 145 to the dollar, the finance minister of Japan issued further warnings, fueling speculation that the government could step in to support the Yen again. The country's currency fell much more as 0.4% to 145.30, bringing the year's drop to 21%. Before policymakers intervened to stop losses on Sept. 22, the yen had fallen to a 24-year low of 145.90. The prime minister of Japan, promised to boost the economy in such a way that takes advantage of the depreciating yen, encouraging the development of chip and battery industries as well as promoting farm exports.